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Raccoon Crossing

About Raccoon Crossing’s work: “I use up-cycled materials used for day to day functional items. I started by selling coat racks made from wine barrel staves using rail road spike heads as the hooks and then I used the leftovers from the spikes to make bottle openers (all from the Point Richmond area).”

About Art Schmitt: Art has been a “maker” and tinkerer most his life and being semi-retired, he is taking advantage of the time and over 35 years collecting “raw material.” Working out of his home in San Leandro, he scours Craigslist for free items he can reuse or re-imagine, also while commuting to Richmond or taking nature walks with his family, he is constantly looking for “more stuff” to use (like the rail road spikes he uses that were found around Point Richmond). He also likes helping his two kids with props for their cos-play.

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