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Anna Kingsley

About Anna’s work: “Pickypockets Press makes hardbound books, letterpress printed goods, and more. I make hardbound books, notebooks, stationery, ephemera are all produced by hand (with the help of some very heavy machinery).”

Anna is an Oakland teaching artist, bookbinder / printer for hire, child whisperer, and mother of three teenagers.

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Alexis Amann Art & Illustration

About Alexis’ work: “My work is based in personal and mythological narrative, story fragments, and illustration. I consider myself both a painter and an illustrator. ”

Alexis is an artist and illustrator raised on the Pacific Northwest coast and now based out of the SF Bay Area. She earned her BA in Painting from Portland State University and her MFA in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute. She loves gouache, ink, and making pixels look like gouache and ink. Alexis lives in El Cerrito.

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Lauren Ari

About Lauren’s work: “The work I will be selling: small, colorful intuitive paintings possibly small ceramic sculpture some larger works on paper. I create painted and collaged intuitive works on book covers and other recycled materials, small ceramic sculpture of a narrative nature, and small prints of some of the original work that will be available for sale.”

Lauren Ari is artist, teacher, dancer and mother. She has lives in Richmond for over 17 years and is a teaching artist at the Richmond Art Center.

Lauren’s website

Filth Cakes

About Danielle’s work: “Inspired by folklore, 90’s cartoons, decay, travel, femininity and the occult, my work weaves sugar, spice and everything nice, with trash, filth and decay, to create a world that is equally inviting and perturbed. In doing so, these two concepts mirror each other, feed into one another, and finally become one another. A place where the macabre shines through sugarcoated illusions, and what was once discarded is rebirthed into nuanced beauty.”

Danielle is a printmaker, muralist, and illustrator based out of Oakland, CA, who also likes to build pop up books, playhouses and installations. She has exhibited internationally from the Long Island Children’s Museum to Islington Mill, in Manchester England. She has painted murals internationally from Mexico City to Berlin. Danielle has been running a small online business, where she sells her own artworks, out of her home since 2010.

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Iyoba Handmade

About Efiya’s products: “Our line includes hair moisturizers and conditioners, styling creams, body butters, artisan soaps, sea salt scrubs and milk baths. Each product is handmade using natural, cruelty free ingredients that nourish the hair and skin while still respecting the environment. We make soaps in small batches in order to preserve the quality of each bar.”

Efiya grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as the eldest of two children. She is a mother and wife, and she enjoys spending time with my family, traveling and hiking. She is passionate about natural healing and skin care.

Efiya’s website

Steven Nomura

About Steven’s work: “I make abstract sculpture and functional ceramic pieces. Some pieces are glazed to resemble bronze, while other pieces are glazed in traditional manner.”

Steven is a RAC member, Board member, and volunteer. He is retired, and makes wood, ceramic, ferrous metal, and bronze sculpture.

Steven’s website
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About Colleen’s work: “I’ll be selling small and large clutches, which are great for toting around essentials, storing art or sewing supplies, make-up, etc. In addition to the clutches I’ll be selling pencil bags that are great for school-aged kids.”

Colleen has loved art and craft since she was a kid. She started college as an artist and ended as a geologist. Nearly 30 years later, she has married her art/science passions – which has brought a lot of peace and balance into her life. Her art interests are broad, but she has focused on textile and wood carving. Outside of making usable art items, such as my bags, I am currently working on a series of textile pieces, quilted and embroidered, focused water issues..

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An Astrid Endeavor

About Astrid’s work: “I design and create hand embroidered and beaded jewelry and home decor in my home studio in San Francisco, CA.”

Astrid is a local Bay Area maker who incorporates hand embroidery in jewelry design and home decor. Her background is in the Arts, Cultural and Medical Anthropology and Expressive Art Therapy. 

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Redux Ceramics


About Jane’s work: “I am interested in form over decoration. I like making functional objects that people will live with and love. I like working in series and exploring subtle differences in similar shapes.”

Jane is reviving her ceramics practice after a 35 year career in landscape design and installation. Previous to that she was a potter for 15 years. An original member of the West Berkeley Potters in the 1970s, she has shown and sold her work regionally and nationally.

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About Josh’ work: “I am a mixed media painter. I paint animals with a little sense of humor and some whimsy. I like to illustrate things and let people connect their own stories to my work. For the last several years I have been making giclee prints of my work and that has been very popular.”

Josh is a full-time artists making a it all work in San Francisco. He is a full-time dad as well. Josh grew up on a small farm in Ohio and moved to San Francisco 15 years ago. He and his wifelove the diversity of adventures in the Bay Area and are totally and completely in love with California.

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