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Artisans at Mooseworks


About Donna’s work: “I am a jewelry maker, working with many techniques and materials: glass and semi-precious beads, metals (hand made ring chain, wire wrapping and metal smithing techniques), kumihimo and crochet. I like being regularly surprised by my own materials and finding new ways to put elements together to create mostly one-of-a-kind pieces. I describe my process as “creativity through chaos” to illustrate the jumble of materials I surround myself with when I’m working to design new pieces.”

Donna Jadis has been making jewelry for 15 years, starting with a simple project to make an interesting necklace for a special pendant. It’s grown from there to a passion and her main creative outlet, as well as a craft business that meets the modest goals of the artist/founder: “sell jewelry, buy more beads!”

Donna’s website
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Ruraq Maki

collageamandasmilesAbout Ruraq Maki’s work: “Our products are made by incarcerated women in Peru and rural traditional weavers in Bolivia using traditional materials and techniques from the Andes. All our products are hand embroidered and hand woven by the women and they are paid fair trade standard wages. All the proceeds from our products go back to the women.”

Ruraq Maki is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit that creates economic opportunities for low income female artisans working with traditional crafts. Through fair trade practices and educational workshops Ruraq Maki creates a bridge between artisans and a global market, creating a world where women are economically and socially independent. Currently we operated the Yanamilla Prison Project for incarcerated women in Peru and Manos Independientes for rural female weavers in Bolivia.

Amanda’s website
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Hats and Spats

About Nancy and Casey’s work: “Fun, fanciful and freaky hats, gloves and accessories. We’ll keep you warm and looking awesome. Something for everyone, from the sweethearts who love critters and toons, to the depraved who love monsters and zombies.”

Nancy has been knitting and crocheting since she was wee, and passed her skills on to Casey when she was in college. Nancy likes to look for inspiration and marinate on her ideas, Casey likes to fly by the seat of her pants. Nancy loves babies and toons, Casey loves animals and horror.

Hats and Spats website
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Nightside Studios


About Ralph and Deborah’s work: “Glass vessels (small), sculptural glass beads, copper-plated items and some finished jewelry are featured. All of our work is handmade, by us, in the Bay Area (specifically Downtown California.) Using a flame of over 4000 degrees, glass rods imported from Venice are melted and sculpted into fantasy creatures or blown into small, wearable vessels, suitable for containing ashes, stashes, wishes or genies. Embellishments of copper, feathers, wire and other natural materials add to the delight. Other techniques, such as bead-weaving and copper-plating are employed to create jewelry and objects of wonder. Our work is inspired by the natural world,underwater archaeology and the dark recesses of a fevered imagination.”

Bay Area natives Ralph, and his wife, Deborah, have been creating glass beads and jewelry since 1999. Ralph and Deborah are members of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. Ralph is our Glass Beadmaking Instructor at The RAC, and he can teach you how make them yourself!

Nightside Studios website

Kay Coffee


Kay Coffee makes stoneware teapots, plates, and casseroles. She has been an instructor at the Richmond Art Center for 25 years.

TK Metal Arts

collagetkmetalartsAbout Theresa’s work: “My work have clean contemporary lines and refined aesthetics. They appeal to a large audience in the Bay Area. My collectors treasure my work because of the timeless designs and ease of wear. I use recycled sterling silver and semi precious gemstones to create necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. I use traditional techniques to carefully fabricate my work one piece at a time.”

Theresa is a full-time jewelry metalsmith, creating all her work in her home studio in San Mateo. Originally, she obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley. Jewelry design and Architecture are both 3-dimensional art that she is passionate about.

Theresa’s website
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Silver & Bone


About Kasey’s work: “Silver & Bone is a jewelry business that I own and operate in Oakland, California that uses recycled metal and re-purposed organic material. I’m currently working on launching the community aspect of my business, the Compassion Collection. This rotating collection will focus on non-profit organizations within the community by highlighting their work with uniquely designed pieces and giving them support with 25% the proceeds.”

Kasey graduated from Humboldt State University in 2013 with a BA in Jewelry & Small Metals and Art Education. Since then, she has worked for designer Melissa Joy Manning, become a graduate of the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and a faculty member at The Crucible. Kasey enjoys continuing to expand her education by learning new skills in multi studies (ceramics, leather, fabrics, watercolors) and using that passion to help others.

Kasey’s website.

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Ben III Ceramics & Wood

About Marilyn’s work: “I integrate functional ceramics with unique, whimsical imagery with a narrative content. Most of my ceramic pieces are porcelain. I seek to connect and engage the viewer in my work.”

Marilyn is a longtime ceramicist, who has lived in the Bay Area most of my life. Her choice of medium, clay, has allowed her to challenge myself in both 2d and 3d. This emphasis has allowed her to reach a diverse audience.

An Astrid Endeavor

About Astrid’s work: “I design and create hand embroidered and beaded jewelry and home decor in my home studio in San Francisco, CA.”

Astrid is a local Bay Area maker who incorporates hand embroidery in jewelry design and home decor. Her background is in the Arts, Cultural and Medical Anthropology and Expressive Art Therapy. 

Astrid’s website
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Elaine Chu

collageelainechuAbout Elaine’s work: “I will be showing handbound books/journals, block-print greeting cards, jewelry, and sock creatures. I often use recycled materials to create my whimsical and functional items. I use traditional bookbinding methods combined with modern and recycled materials for my books. I carve slabs of rubber and also create beeswax collages to make greeting cards. Glass and metal beads and mahjong tiles are some of the materials in my jewelry. I also convert socks into plush toys.”

Elaine is an an artist/educator with a background in graphic design and music. She is a co-author of “Wood, Paper, Scissors,” a how-to crafts book. Her work has been published in Greencraft, Somerset Studio Gallery magazines and a number of art books.

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