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Our traveling Art in the Community program, which has doubled in size in just the past year, is filling a critical gap by bringing arts education back to 1,200 Richmond children. After school and summer programs, which are free to the students, are taught by our teaching artists at community centers, elementary, middle and high schools and at the Richmond Public Library.

This fall, we will launch 16 after school programs at sites all across Richmond. Recently, Loi Almeron from the Richmond Confidential spent an afternoon in one of our classes watching Marie Kamali teach a group of enthusiastic 6- to 9-year-old children how to make clay sculptures at the Richmond Public Library.

“Pinch and pull, pinch and pull” was the constant mantra of 12 kids molding their clay on a sunny afternoon. Each student was given a block of clay, water, molding tools and freedom to make their own clay birds.

At the Richmond City Library, Marie Kamali, a multimedia artist, teaches kids ages 6-9 years old how to make clay sculptures as part of an art in community program.

Art in Community provides career readiness to future artists by aiming to “bring the art-making experience to the community [and] encourage people to see art as a lifelong pursuit,” Community Programs Director Rebeca García-González said.

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Above Photo: Loi Almeron/Richmond Confidential


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