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Artist: Rajni Kavula

Holiday Sales: YES

Work: Adroit is a small line of hand dyed apparel and accessories made in California using locally sourced textiles and fibers handcrafted in small batches, making one piece at a time.

I create all my products at my home studio in Fremont, CA. I hand dye using shibori method ( a Japanese technique of dyeing) using indigo and turmeric and sew wearables. My creations have a bohemian vibe, the clothes I make are for women and men who believe in sustainable fashion and prefer wearing comfortable clothing.

I love sharing what I learn and I learn while I teach! I teach textile workshops mostly at RAC for adults as well as children, this also inspired me to create a workshop in a box, AKA diy kits. I love being a small business owner where i get to meet people, connecting with other artists and learning something new each day!

About: Hi, Super excited to be sharing my story with you. I am a yoga teacher, reiki healer, mom and a handmade business owner. I have a degree in fine arts and I believe in sustainable living. I started my creative journey as part of my healing process. I love working with natural fibers like linen, rayon, silk and handwoven cotton. I collaborate with a family of weavers in a small town in India and source my Ikat and Khadi fabrics from them.

My focus is to create ethical and sustainable products by using natural fibers and natural dyes. I believe in making garments that are timeless yet comfortable, something that you would reach for again and again, I incorporate basic geometric shapes and fluid abstract designs. I follow my intuition while creating and believe that each piece tells you a story

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Contact: You can get info about my events, products and workshops at and @shopadroit on Instagram

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