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Susie Hodges

Artist: Susie Hodges

Work: I am a Handweaving and Mixed media artist. For me, textiles are both art and craft. I enjoy the way these media easily combine the mundane and the universal in an important way. The 3 pieces I am showing represent a range of recent work: tapestry, computer loom weaving and mixed media. They are already spoken for and are not for sale. Top image: Selfie@84

About: I live with my husband Dave in Berkeley. We are both retired teachers. I learned to weave from Ed Rossback over 60 years ago and have been teaching and exhibiting since then. I am a long time RAC studio artist and was a featured artist in the first Members Show. I am a winner of the national Handweavers of America award. And, my Winter Solstice Scarves are featured in the new Complex Weavers’ 40th Anniversary book.


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