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La Chuparosa

Artist: Daniela Rivero

Holiday Sales: YES

Work: Each one of my ceramic pieces is handmade and given the time it needs. Within each line of xolos (xoloitzcuintlis, Mexican hairless dogs), for example, each piece might appear to be the same, but in the details you will find each one is unique, not only in its size and finish but in its features and personality. In fact, many times my clients see other animals in the “xolo” (armadillos, pigs, foxes, rats, etc.) but I think it’s perfectly fine to let them finish the narrative of the piece.

In addition to xolo pieces (vessels, urns, bolo ties) I have been experimenting with other prehispanic figures, such as Olmeca heads and “Mexican happy faces,” and contemporary Mexican characters, such as luchadoras.

About: I am trained in visual arts by the Universidad Veracruzana and have received training in various mediums from artists who build on a long tradition of cultural and artistic production from the region of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. In the last years I have focused on my preferred medium, ceramics, and launched a small business, La Chuparosa. I am committed to producing quality, accessible products while involving my community. Each one of my pieces is individually hand crafted and unique.

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Contact: You can find more of my work on instagram @la.chuparosa

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