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Marsha Balian

Artist: Marsha Balian

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Work: My mixed media pieces all involve the use of found material from scraps of paper, remnants from construction sites, bits of fabric to found photographs. I love to draw and paint, so many pieces include drawing and varying amounts of painting. My work is all on wood panel and does not require framing. I’ve developed a technique for the surface that is imitative of encaustic and helps unify the disparate elements. This surface element is also protective of the work so it can be hung anywhere from the kitchen to the bath without risk of damage or fading.

About: I am self-taught and admit that I don’t like following directions, so often invent my own techniques. Since invention doesn’t require strict adherence to the rules, my art avoids what might be literal and attempts to engage imagination of the viewer. Humor is never far behind.
My work has been shown throughout the Bay Area, many parts of the country and internationally. It has been featured in many publications and was featured on the cover of the 2016 “”West Marin Review”” and was profiled in the October 2019 issue of “”Oakland Magazine.”” It was also featured in “”Collage by Women: 50 Women Collage Artists of the World”” which was published in Spain and sold world-wide. Most recently it was featured in “”Woven Tale Press””, a national journal of arts and literature.
I am represented by the Gearbox Gallery in Oakland.


Contact: Please check out my website for available work. I can be reached at:

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