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Artist: Holly Peters

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Selection of 3D papercut art and cards depicting wildlife and natural habitats; wooden ornaments (to accompany select POPupfoldOUTs for holidays; as well as chakras); and limited large-edition papercuts (up to 13×19 cut out of archival printmaking papers).

About: My initial fine arts training was in printmaking, followed by studies in Japan. Overseas, I learned the traditional craft technique of papercutting.

Many of the elements in my “POPupfoldOUTs”, the 3D paper art constructions (+card) featured on were initially created as papercuts then composited digitally and reworked for color and pattern. Every skill I have learned has been incorporated into my art, craft and sensibility.

While I consider myself an artist, the subtext of a story along with the natural world inspires me. In this, I label myself an illustrator though making art is just as much about improvising and discovering within the process as it is about rendering. All of the art work is original and every step is done by me.


Contact: My website link is to my (Shopify) store with IG feed (+ new blog)

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