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Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Artist: Fumiyo Yoshikawa

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Work: My work is based on traditional Japanese art method called nihonga and sumi-e, ink brush painting. My work is all organic and spiritual, with elements of the philosophy of Zen and Shinto. I hope my work can bring viewers peace in mind.

About: I was born and raised in Kyoto, where I studied Japanese art and history, and specialize in the Japanese brush painting methods sumi-e and nihonga. After traveling the world, I reached to San Francisco in 2003. My work has also incorporated elements of multi cultural art. Over the years I have developed several styles of art from traditional representational ink painting to abstract mixed media. Yet they are all organic and spiritual, based on the philosophies of Zen and Shinto. I have exhibited at art museums, galleries, and institutions in Japan since 1984 and internationally since 2003.

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Contact: More work and information can be seen at my website and facebook pages.

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