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Artist: Jennifer Linderman

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I am a mixed media artist and art teacher (including here at Richmond Art Center) working in a wide variety of media including watercolor, colored pencil, ink, acryla gouche, and markers. My favorite subjects to render include human portraits, animals, and botanicals. I enjoy using bright, bold color palettes to illustrate my subjects and this method is widely recognized as my signature style! Brighten up a spot in your home with one of my colorful portraits or splash some color around yourself in my self-published coloring book!

About: I am self-taught mixed media artist passionate about teaching others what I have learned over the past several years about making art! I love inspiring others to take that first step (or first pencil stroke) and see where the journey leads you!


Contact: You may purchase wares in my “shop” on my website or contact me via email with further inquiries:

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