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Kieren Dutcher Illustration

Artist: Kieren Dutcher

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: My work is inspired by folk art, nature and color. I paint mostly in gouache resist, acrylic inks and watercolor. I sell my illustrations printed on greeting cards, posters. I also make block prints which I silkscreen onto tea towels. My work is sold in 7 local shops/galleries and installed in several local hospitals, and this year, was in a TV show. I have a busy Etsy shop, and before the pandemic, sold at many local craft/art fairs.

About: I am a 3rd generation Oakland native. Went to CCAC, then SFSU for an MA in Art Ed. I’ve taught ART in local schools for 25+ years, now teach part time at NIAD Art Center in the fibers department, and workshops (Handcraft Studio School and Hello Stitch Studio are two I’ve taught at), now all online sadly. Since the pandemic, I’ve started a YouTube channel, demonstrating projects I’ve taught in my NIAD classes, for anyone to try at home.


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