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Oil on board by Gwendolyn Meyer

Artist: Gwendolyn Meyer

Holiday Sales? YES

Title of Series: When the world stopped it was beautiful
Plein air oil on board
Painted on Tomales Bay east and west shores March to October 2020

This series of small oil on board was started during the Covid 19 lockdown, March 2020, in Marshall California where I was more or less stranded. Although all the parks were closed, I could kayak on the bay and across to the West shore beaches. At the time very few people were on the bay and nature seemed so much stronger, it was very peaceful and beautiful. These oils on board are studies in appreciation of the color and shape of this landscape. Where the names of places are known they are named on the work.

About: I work in oils, photography (, and drawing to explore the world around me. The themes I am interested in focusing on are our human nature connection at this particular planetary turning point.
BFA Photography and Drawing 2004 California College of the Arts (CCA).

Instagram: @likethelemon

Contact: I can be contacted at 831 236 8504 via a text or voice for sales or commissions.

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