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Satsumabug / Lisa Hsia

Artist: Lisa Hsia

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: My Etsy shop features prints ($10-39) and a few small original watercolors (under $100).

About: I’m a writer, artist, and mother living in Oakland — though in my pandemic life the “writer” and “artist” designations feel lofty and aspirational, eclipsed by the reality of 24-7 mothering. In the before times, I had a solo show, “How To Make Art with a Toddler,” at Resurrect boutique on Piedmont Avenue, a series of pieces in Kearny Street Workshop’s annual APAture festival, a portrait project at Manifesta salon, and illustrations on various websites.

Online Store:

Contact: I’d love to meet you on Instagram or at I wish you well in these strange and uncertain times. Thank you for engaging with my work!

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