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Artist: TheArthur Wright

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I use Bleach as my medium for fine art and items that are drawn from that creation include, greeting cards, tee shirts and a newly release art book.

About: I was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1940. Three years later during the Second World War the family moved to Seattle where my father found defense work at Boeing. My career has given me a lot of interesting things to do, including a call to Hollywood, short-lived however, and then becoming a board member of the Artship, a renovated ship of war that became a seaborne arts venue in Oakland, during which time I took care of much of the electrical work aboard the ship, even getting my name in the credits of two indie film made aboard-ship and some minor voice-overs. The ArtShip was forced to terminate in 2004. My first internet sale in 1997 was to a person of Zulu heritage from South Africa and one of the most recent to a Swedish representative of the Carnaval, a huge and sprawling global celebration that deals intensively with the peoples of the African Diaspora. For the 2003 Carnaval in San Francisco my bleach rendering of ‘Califia, Queen of California’ was chosen as the poster cover for that event. I have since been shown and honored in various schools and colleges such as Stanford, UCLA, Sonoma State and Santa Rosa JC and a much longer and growing list. The introduction of bleach into my art has been a huge catalyst and in it I find enough nuances to explore to take me the rest of the way. Until recently I was a member the board of directors for Prescott-Joseph, a non-profit located here in Oakland.

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