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Catherine Waller Hand Built Vessels

Artist: Catherine Waller

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: Classic, substantial, hand built vessels enhanced with painterly marks and shapes. Each piece has a unique form and finish which takes weeks to complete. Truly art objects from the initial “build” to the final “finish”.

About: These “vessels” are all made either in my studio or at the RAC ceramics studio. They are built using coils of clay, then smoothed, paddled, abraded, carved, cut and otherwise altered to become their final form. I have been “making” all my life. Printmaking, Painting, Mixed Media and now Ceramics. My MFA was earned in Printmaking, I have taught Painting and Drawing at the College Level. My studio overlooks Wildcat Canyon Park. I have been a proud Richmond Resident since 1992 when I moved here from Berkeley and immediately found my way to the Richmond Art Center.


Contact: Please visit my website for a complete viewing of all my currently available work. Thank you for visiting!

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