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Lauren Ari

Artist: Lauren Ari

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Work: I work with many materials, but the foundation of my art always comes back to drawing. My artwork conveys a freedom of process that can sometimes be difficult to achieve. You can feel the frenetic and alluring energy that created the art. I trust something bigger than myself. A lot of what I do is intuitive; I don’t set out with an agenda, method or finished piece in mind. Circumstances happen, and I follow them. The best feeling for me is when someone feels met in my art, so that they’re moved to take a piece home with them as a reminder of their own inner freedom.

About: Lauren Ari is an artist and educator based in Richmond, California. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from U.C. Davis after undergraduate study at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her primary focus is on drawing and sculpture. Lauren’s work is in the permanent collections of the Legion of Honor Achenbach Foundation and the De Young Museum.

“Lauren Ari’s art roars out of the deepest part of her psyche and arrives with great tenderness into the world. It is fiercely honest, playful and provocative. She speaks directly what is still unfettered in all of us, our wild, free, animal selves.” — Poet Alison Luterman


Contact: To purchase work you can go to my instagram account to see what I have available. You can also contact at Studio visits are welcome.

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