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Erin McCluskey Wheeler

Artist: Erin McCluskey Wheeler

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: Unique collage earrings, fine art prints, and collage kits made in Richmond. I also offer art mentoring and study groups online or in person for local Bay Area artists. Gift cards are available and can be used towards classes, art mentoring, prints, or jewelry listed on my website.

About: Erin McCluskey Wheeler is a painter, collagist, writer, curator, and teacher based in Richmond, CA. Erin works in many series at once and across disciplines in painting, collage, works on paper, prints, and poetry. There is always a careful attention to placement, selection, and adjacency in both her writing and her visual art. Each medium with its different qualities, allows Erin to explore ideas about memory, language, color, and place, while retaining a unified voice that reflects on the power of color and connection.


Last Note: Always happy to answer questions and talk about commissions! My studio is in Richmond and if you’re interested in visiting, please contact me to schedule a studio visit.

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