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Bowerbird Atelier

Artist: Stephanie McKenna

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: With a background in Graphic Design and branding, I thrive in the challenge to create stationery that is not only beautiful, but heartfelt. I explore the intersection between connection and ritual through my Fleurot Tarot Deck & related stationery products. I love finding ways to intersect my deep interest for intention and ritual with my ongoing passion for community connection and celebration.

About: A graphic designer and botanical illustrator, Stephanie is a 10th-generation colonizer descendent on a journey to reconnect with her Northern European ancestors by studying plants and the craft of weaving. She is a lifelong guest on the ancestral lands of the Ohlone people (now know as Oakland, California) and is exploring what it means to be from a place you aren’t actually “from.”

Last Note: Thank you so much for shopping – happy solstice!

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