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Julia Beery

Artist: Julia Beery

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I became interested in nudibranchs (a type of sea slug) while a student in Monterey. I painted the Rainbow nudibranch, and one of my teachers encouraged me to make a series of digital paintings. Along the way, I learned to translate the subtle gradations of watercolor to painting in photoshop. With seventeen species completed, with each species I gain a new appreciation for these fabulously ornate and delicate creatures. Working with Abachar studios in Monterey, I have a nudibranch prints on canvas for sale. Many of my original watercolor paintings are also available for purchase.

About: I am a science illustrator and artist with an affinity for mushrooms, bats, and all kinds of plants. My science illustrations aim to make images of the natural world that are both informative and exciting. I also enjoy creating paintings of botanical and fungal subjects, getting lost in the intricacies of leaf venation or the folds of mushroom gills. I currently live in the Bay Area, which continues to surprise me with its astounding biodiversity.


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