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Artist: Kelsey Westphal

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I make comics that dance outside of books and onto bodies/into space. My cartooning practice include prints and zines into more usable, wearable, and enjoyable art like mugs, blankets, hoodies, hats, wall clocks, and other household items. What I have been selling most these days has been woven blankets with detailed comic scenes on them, both with custom designs and with pre-made images.

About: I am an experimental cartoonist based in Oakland, CA. Drawing is how I question, capture and relish in the experience of life itself. I studied English Literature and French at UC Berkeley, where I serendipitously fell into zine-making and DIY music. Electrified by the community and freedom of this new-found creative dimension, I then spent two years in Angoulême, France, where I pursued a Research Masters in Comics and Creation. Nowadays, I create a monthly newsletter with A.B.O. Comix Collective, publisher of LGBTQ artists in prisons across the United States, ride my bike around, and work as a gardener across the Bay Area! I believe that drawing is a non-intrusive, ever-expansive tool for engaging with anyone and anything, “artist” or not, and it has the power to connect people and change the very fabric of reality.

Last Note: Currently accepting blanket/painting/drawing commissions, and selling existing blanket designs, my newest zine “Squanderlust #6”, and a handful of limited edition prints. Please contact me directly as my store may still be under construction. 🙂

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