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Artist: Tatyana Ryevzina

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I draw and paint using mostly watercolors, gouache and ink, as well as make some collages and occasional fiber artwork (such as embroidery). I really enjoy making original greeting cards and bookmarks. A lot of my work is intuitive and inspired by the natural world. One of my goals is to help make original artwork more accessible for every budget.

About: I have been making art since childhood. I grew up in Russia and have several artists, tailors, poets and architects in my family tree. I studied art and architecture in college, but ultimately pursued a career in alternative medicine. While being sheltered in place during the pandemic, my artwork stash kept growing, and with encouragement from friends and family, I decided to start an Instagram account for my art and an Etsy shop for my original pieces. I am loving this aspect of creativity as well, deciding which pieces to put out into the world and sending something lovingly made by hand to another human being. My day job is practicing acupuncture in a community clinic I helped found 13+ years ago. I live in Richmond with my spouse and two cats.

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