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Catherine Waller Hand Built Vessels

Artist: Catherine Waller

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Classic, substantial, hand built vessels enhanced with painterly marks and shapes. Each piece has a unique form and finish which takes weeks to complete. Truly art objects from the initial “build” to the final “finish”.

About: These “vessels” are all made either in my studio or at the RAC ceramics studio (now sadly temporarily closed). They are built using coils of clay, then smoothed, paddled, abraded, carved, cut and otherwise altered to become their final form. I have been “making” all my life. Printmaking, Painting, Mixed Media and now Ceramics. My MFA was earned in Printmaking, I have taught Painting and Drawing at the College Level. My studio overlooks Wildcat Canyon Park. I have been a proud Richmond Resident since 1992 when I moved here from Berkeley and immediately found my way to the Richmond Art Center.


Contact: Please visit my website for a complete viewing of all my currently available work. Thank you for visiting!


Artist: Eugene Erickson

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Wheel thrown and hand built ceramic vessels, small to medium, plus various small wood assemblages/sculptures.

About: I have been a long time ceramics student at the Richmond Art Center. I hold an MFA in Sculpture from California College of Arts. My studio specialty is primary wooden assemblages which can be viewed on my website.


Lauren Ari

Artist: Lauren Ari

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I work with many materials, but the foundation of my art always comes back to drawing. My artwork conveys a freedom of process that can sometimes be difficult to achieve. You can feel the frenetic and alluring energy that created the art. I trust something bigger than myself. A lot of what I do is intuitive; I don’t set out with an agenda, method or finished piece in mind. Circumstances happen, and I follow them. The best feeling for me is when someone feels met in my art, so that they’re moved to take a piece home with them as a reminder of their own inner freedom.

About: Lauren Ari is an artist and educator based in Richmond, California. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from U.C. Davis after undergraduate study at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her primary focus is on drawing and sculpture. Lauren’s work is in the permanent collections of the Legion of Honor Achenbach Foundation and the De Young Museum.

“Lauren Ari’s art roars out of the deepest part of her psyche and arrives with great tenderness into the world. It is fiercely honest, playful and provocative. She speaks directly what is still unfettered in all of us, our wild, free, animal selves.” — Poet Alison Luterman


Contact: To purchase work you can go to my instagram account to see what I have available. You can also contact at Studio visits are welcome.

Ezme Designs

Artist: Chanda Beck

Holiday Sales: YES

Work: I create handmade dinnerware, home goods and jewelry out of stoneware and porcelain clay and use slip-casting, slab-building and wheel-throwing to realize my work. I have a particular interest in abstract representations of nature and use fine black lines with typically single bold colors with an eye on minimalism for my wares, sneaking in the occasional animal or bird.

About: I have been working in clay for over 20 years and graduated with a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture as a post-baccalaureate student at the California College of the Arts (and Crafts). I create my Ezme Designs line of ceramics housewares and jewelry from my studio at the Berkeley Potters Guild.

My work is sold in galleries and museum gift shops such as the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA, The American Museum of Ceramic Arts (AMOCA) gift shop and the Abrams-Claghorn Gallery in Albany, CA as well as other stores and at fairs and festivals.

I am a juried exhibiting member of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists (ACGA) and regularly participate in their large event in July in Palo Alto.

I was excited to have the opportunity to teach my first workshop at the Richmond Art Center this Fall and look forward to hosting more one/two day workshop events in ceramics in the future.


Contact: Aside from selling through my website shop listed, I also sell on Etsy at and can be found on social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) @ezmedesigns. You can also email me at On my website, there is a local pickup option for purchases to avoid shipping fees. xo ezme

Marisa Burman Ceramics

Artist: Marisa Burman

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: My ceramic work is primarily thrown on the wheel and hand-painted with underglaze. It is made from very durable porcelain clay which is food safe, and microwave and dishwasher friendly. I often color the clay itself using powdered mason stains. Then I paint on top of that colored background and fire the clay in a high-fire reduction kiln. I like to imagine each piece after it leaves my studio and continues its life in someone’s home. It brings me endless satisfaction to share with others and communicate through clay. I believe that daily rituals with handmade vessels can enrich our lives with joy, meaning, and community.

About: I am a ceramic artist from San Francisco. I have been making things out of clay for the past 15 years and find it to be an incredible source of ongoing learning and wonder. I currently reside in Richmond with my tiny parrot Louie, where I manage the ceramics studio at the Richmond Art Center. I love making and using handmade objects, working in porcelain, and teaching people about all things ceramic, especially throwing on the wheel and making colored clay.

Instagram: @marisaburman

Contact: You can find more of my work on my Instagram page. Please contact me via email if you have any questions or want to connect!

La Chuparosa

Artist: Daniela Rivero

Holiday Sales: YES

Work: Each one of my ceramic pieces is handmade and given the time it needs. Within each line of xolos (xoloitzcuintlis, Mexican hairless dogs), for example, each piece might appear to be the same, but in the details you will find each one is unique, not only in its size and finish but in its features and personality. In fact, many times my clients see other animals in the “xolo” (armadillos, pigs, foxes, rats, etc.) but I think it’s perfectly fine to let them finish the narrative of the piece.

In addition to xolo pieces (vessels, urns, bolo ties) I have been experimenting with other prehispanic figures, such as Olmeca heads and “Mexican happy faces,” and contemporary Mexican characters, such as luchadoras.

About: I am trained in visual arts by the Universidad Veracruzana and have received training in various mediums from artists who build on a long tradition of cultural and artistic production from the region of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. In the last years I have focused on my preferred medium, ceramics, and launched a small business, La Chuparosa. I am committed to producing quality, accessible products while involving my community. Each one of my pieces is individually hand crafted and unique.

Online Store:

Contact: You can find more of my work on instagram @la.chuparosa

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