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Laura Kamian McDermott Tapestry Weaving and Greeting Cards

Artist: Laura Kamian McDermott Tapestry

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Small Tapestries and Greeting Card Packs with images of my Tapestry Weaving and Felted Armenian Alphabet for sale. I am obsessed with cheerful color and abstract design! My weavings are carefully constructed with quality materials and techniques to produce a high quality textile. Cards are 5.5″ x 4″, come in packs of 5 or 10, and are printed on high quality cardstock with envelopes included.

About: Laura Kamian McDermott is a textile artist who uses labor-intensive techniques to make work that insists on the value of creative labor in an era that shows little respect for such a pursuit. Inherent in her work is the belief in the power of the handmade to address social ills, support mental and community health, and bring out some of humanity’s more positive traits. Through her woven, knitted, and embroidered techniques-meticulously studied and executed- she produces a high-quality textile. Laura studied Painting at Reed College and Textiles at San Francisco State University. She was born in Oakland and currently resides in Richmond.

Online Store:

Contact: Please visit my website or follow me on Instagram @laurakamianmcdermott to read more about and see more of my work!

Susie Hodges

Artist: Susie Hodges

Work: I am a Handweaving and Mixed media artist. For me, textiles are both art and craft. I enjoy the way these media easily combine the mundane and the universal in an important way. The 3 pieces I am showing represent a range of recent work: tapestry, computer loom weaving and mixed media. They are already spoken for and are not for sale. Top image: Selfie@84

About: I live with my husband Dave in Berkeley. We are both retired teachers. I learned to weave from Ed Rossback over 60 years ago and have been teaching and exhibiting since then. I am a long time RAC studio artist and was a featured artist in the first Members Show. I am a winner of the national Handweavers of America award. And, my Winter Solstice Scarves are featured in the new Complex Weavers’ 40th Anniversary book.



Artist: Katherine Bacher

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I am selling pillows, scarfs, matching masks, necklaces and abstract wall hangings. All my designs are original, done by photographs of created collages and transformed into fabric. Depending on the item I am adding beads, ribbons, paint and photopaper, using stringing, sewing and knitting, and applique techniques.

About: I have a degree in Textiles and Mixed Media, using traditional and non-traditional techniques, combined with traditional and non-traditional material. I am part-time an Early Childhood educator and enjoy using my free time expanding and expressing my art.

Online Store:

Contact: If you are interested in my items, you can contact me at my email address or go through


Artist: Rajni Kavula

Holiday Sales: YES

Work: Adroit is a small line of hand dyed apparel and accessories made in California using locally sourced textiles and fibers handcrafted in small batches, making one piece at a time.

I create all my products at my home studio in Fremont, CA. I hand dye using shibori method ( a Japanese technique of dyeing) using indigo and turmeric and sew wearables. My creations have a bohemian vibe, the clothes I make are for women and men who believe in sustainable fashion and prefer wearing comfortable clothing.

I love sharing what I learn and I learn while I teach! I teach textile workshops mostly at RAC for adults as well as children, this also inspired me to create a workshop in a box, AKA diy kits. I love being a small business owner where i get to meet people, connecting with other artists and learning something new each day!

About: Hi, Super excited to be sharing my story with you. I am a yoga teacher, reiki healer, mom and a handmade business owner. I have a degree in fine arts and I believe in sustainable living. I started my creative journey as part of my healing process. I love working with natural fibers like linen, rayon, silk and handwoven cotton. I collaborate with a family of weavers in a small town in India and source my Ikat and Khadi fabrics from them.

My focus is to create ethical and sustainable products by using natural fibers and natural dyes. I believe in making garments that are timeless yet comfortable, something that you would reach for again and again, I incorporate basic geometric shapes and fluid abstract designs. I follow my intuition while creating and believe that each piece tells you a story

Online Store:

Contact: You can get info about my events, products and workshops at and @shopadroit on Instagram

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