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Sea Pony Couture

Artist: Fati Genese Fleming

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Modern fine inlay jewelry. Hand-cut and carved gemstone rings, necklaces, and earrings.

About: Fati Genese is the creative designer and maker behind Sea Pony Couture, which is a jewelry line that specializes in inlay work. Fati is based in Oakland, California, and has been focused on jewelry since 2012. She first began apprenticing for a Bay Area goldsmith and from there she explored inlay work over an extensive jewelry intensive workshop in New Mexico. Fati taught her specialized technique at Richmond Art Center 2019-2020, and her work is currently available online at


Pretty Fun Designs

Artist: Riquelle Small

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Pretty Fun Designs creates well-designed, playful items using an eclectic mix of finished and handmade parts. Pretty Fun Designs jewelry is consciously designed, hand-assembled, and energy-charged by Riquelle.

About: Designer and energy healer Riquelle Small has been creating handmade jewelry for over 25 years. She loves art, beauty and balance. The aim of Pretty Fun is to inspire self-confidence, self-love and Joy.



Moon & Leaf

Artist: Kristin Satzman

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Moon & Leaf jewelry is crafted by hand with love and an eye for beauty. Bronze, silver, gemstones and vintage findings are combined to create pieces that link elements of nature and spirit to the power of personal expression and self adornment. We are all connected to each other, the plants, the animals, the Earth and the stars. Moon & Leaf pieces remind you of your connection with this great mystery and of the beauty that resides in you and in all that surrounds you.

About: Founded by Kristin Satzman in 2015, Moon & Leaf is a one woman business. As an artist Kristin recognizes that her most successful work develops from a surrender to the creative process and she experiences the making of art as a form of meditation and prayer. “The moments that I devote to creating give me the greatest joy, and the pieces I create are reminders to me of my connection to the Universe”. Kristin’s unique designs are like small altars to be worn in celebration of the natural world and our relationship with everything from the leaf on a tree to the moon in the sky.

Kristin has worked as an artist most of her life, first as a photographer and currently as a jewelry designer. Moon & Leaf jewelry can be found online and in select S.F. Bay Area stores. She leads workshops privately and teaches at Richmond Art Center.


Contact: Kristin can be contacted through her website. Follow her @MoonAndLeaf on Instagram for new work, inspirations, and special promotions.

Tess Young Jewelry

Artist: Tess Young

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: My work is simple, natural, and minimal gold and silver jewelry that incorporates natural gemstones. All of it is completely handmade with care. There is a range from simple, affordable basics to precious and special occasion pieces.

About: I started making jewelry in college and grew it into a full-time business in 2017 while living in Richmond. I was a teacher at Richmond Art Center for a few years until I had to move back home to Cleveland in 2019 (I plan to return to California when the world goes back to normal!).


Contact: A good contact is my Instagram, @TessYoungJewelry
I am open to custom work as well.

Take Shape Studio

Artist: Sophie Silverstein

Work: Art inspired jewelry for your bold days. Using playful shapes and impactful lines, jeweler Sophie Silverstein of Take Shape Studio designs jewelry inspired by visual observations, symbols, tactile experiments, and nature.

About: Creativity, for me, often emerges from a liminal space — somewhere between one point and another — the moment when you’re on the threshold of something else. Sometimes it’s on a long flight across the country, sometimes it’s in the surreal moments before falling asleep, sometimes it’s during a meandering meditation. I’ve always been drawn to transitions and the space between: the shedding of what no longer serves, the chaos within change, and the excitement of something new taking shape.



Olivia Shih

Artist: Olivia Shih

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Use our exclusive code RAC20 for 20% off Ready to Ship items. 

As an introvert, Olivia Shih brings a quiet and nuanced approach to jewelry. Each piece of jewelry that comes from her studio is tailor made for soft-spoken people with strong backbones. This world needs more thoughtful and inquisitive humans, and you deserve to have jewelry that speaks to who you are.

At Olivia Shih, we believe in conscious consumption and conscious making. All collections feature eco-conscious and locally sourced materials when possible.​ A small portion of each online purchase is donated to a local organization that empowers women to better their lives.

About: Born in the US and raised on the subtropical island of Taiwan, Olivia Shih grew up balancing cultural differences and reading underlying emotions. Her well-tuned observational skills allow her to imbue nuances and meticulous detailing into her jewelry, made for quiet and thoughtful humans.

Olivia conceptualizes and creates her jewelry in her studio in Oakland, California. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, in countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and Canada. Her work can also be found in publications such as Metalsmith, Adorn Milk, and Bob Cut.



  • Please feel free to contact me by emailing
  • I am currently accepting custom jewelry commissions
  • Jewelry in the online shop are made to order, except for items in the Ready to Ship page

Lulu Accessories and Crafts

Artist: Melissa Sanchez

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Unique. Special. Handmade. Wire wrapped jewelry and crafts created by the artist for you to enjoy.

About: Richmond native. I’ve been making jewelry for two years and I branded my art pieces “Lulu”, the name of my beloved dog. I use different wire wrapping techniques to create artistic pieces that you can wear.


Contact: Instagram @lulu.accessories.crafts


Artist: Jeannine Komush

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Jewelry as story, as the link between where we are and where we’ve been…

Tangleweeds is about the connections between all things. The natural world intermingling with the urban environs of cities. Effortless and easy to wear, each piece of jewelry tells a story, a story about age and time and the beauty that unfolds as we give ourselves over to what we know in our bones. A story uniquely interpreted by the wearer, shaped and molded by one’s own experiences.

The artist behind Tangleweeds is Jeannine Komush, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. From a young age she collected rocks and twigs, shells found at the beach, feathers found on sidewalks and brought them home to arrange in tidy piles on her childhood desk. That early love of nature and the beautiful ephemera it creates, led in a serpentine way to a love for creating jewelry. With hammers and files, stones and beads, Jeannine creates pieces that are rustic and yet elegant. Textures echo the graininess of sand beneath one’s feet, the ripple of a river’s flow over smooth rocks, or perhaps, the ridges of a bird’s feathers. Inspiration is in the everyday, right outside her studio door in Vallejo, CA.

About: My name is Jeannine Komush and I started Tangleweeds out of a passion for creating jewelry that was unique – yet still wearable for everyday. I am mainly self taught, having taken classes here and there throughout the bay area. I started Tangleweeds 11 years ago and since then I have sold at arts festivals, galleries, my own open studios, and on my website.


Patricia Tostenson Jewelry

Artist: Patricia Tostenson

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I love to make jewelry. With each gemstone, or piece of silver I pick up, I try to create a piece that is a little bit different. Using standard silversmith techniques, forging, forming, beading and others, which I often combine, I hope to create the perfect piece for you and your loved ones. Welcome to my Shop.

About: I think each of us has a spark of creativity. My jewelry is the product of my creativity. I have been making jewelry for 20 years, and hope to continue as we all forge our way through this difficult time of coronovirus. Wishing u a happy, healthy Holiday

Shipping – Free shipping in USA or local pickup
Returns – Returns accepted within 10 days of receipt of item. Buyer to pay return shipping.


Clouds and Ladders

Artist: Kate Joseph

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Kate Joseph, the designer and maker of Clouds and Ladders jewelry, is inspired by the history of art, craft, and design. Each piece of jewelry is a piece of art you can wear, and as such is found in museum stores such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. You can shop one-of-kinds, customizable designs, and limited editions on

About: Clouds and Ladders jewelry is designed and made by hand by Kate Joseph in her studio in a redwood forest north of San Francisco. Kate has a background in painting and sculpture, but chose to pursue a career as an Occupational Therapist with jewelry design as a hobby. However, fate had a different plan – an employee of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art spotted her jewelry at a handcrafted goods market in San Francisco in 2018. Soon after the museum’s store started carrying her work, Kate began to concentrate on Clouds and Ladders full time. Her designs are distinctive, versatile, and lightweight – and each is a tiny work of art you can wear.


Contact: You’re invited to follow along as Kate’s story unfolds on Instagram @cloudsandladders

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