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North & East Leather

Artist: Jomar Enciso

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Small batch leather goods producer based in Richmond, California.

About: DIY (Do It Yourself) has been a constant in my life. This might have been brought about when I was growing up and seeing my Grandfather tinker and fix stuff in his workshop. I was always fascinated by craftspeople, artisans and how working with their hands can produce awesome everyday use pieces.

With that said, I also love working and making something with my hands, love to tinker and take apart stuff and see how it works. I then discovered photography in high school and taught myself about photography. Fast forward to 2005 when I started doing photography professionally until about 2016. In one of my photo shoots, we we’re in dire need of a bag that we can use for the shoot. We had a hard time finding one, so I blurted out that I’ll make it, which I surprisingly did make one and with that I was hooked. I decided to teach myself after about anything leather and leather crafting and North & East Leather was born.



Artist: May Lo

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I’m always on the hunt for ways to combine my love of art and making tangible things. It’s not unusual for me to bounce around and dip my feet into different mediums. Right now, I enjoy using leather as a canvas and turning it into a something wearable. All my pieces are handmade and hand-painted in my studio, where I also teach workshops centered around art + leather craft.

About: May is a self taught artist and crafter. Born in Los Angeles and raised in the Bay Area, she earned her BFA in Illustration and Animation from San Jose State University. School didn’t provide the experience and enrichment she was expecting; after graduating, she did not pursue a related career. Without a clear direction, she landed in mass manufacturing and retail. Many years later, she realized how unfulfilling a path she chose and found a renewed enthusiasm for the arts. Working in acrylic is first and foremost, though she does experiment with other mediums and ways to translate her images into wearable pieces. Her work has been featured at the de Young Museum and SFMOMA museum stores in San Francisco, under the name TIMMY MAYS.


Currently accepting custom requests and commissions.

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