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Rouzbeh’s Fine Art

Artist: Rouzbeh Delijani

Work: My main focus is in drawing and painting in a more realistic and surreal style. I love drawing or painting portraits the most! The stories I see motivate me to draw and paint.

About: I am originally from Iran and been living in Richmond for past 22+ years. A combination of social justice from local and global perspectives perhaps best describes my work. I like to find and convey hope and motivation through even the hardest times. Hope you enjoy seeing my work. Thank you, Rouzbeh

Instagram: @rouzbehart

Contact: Please feel free to contact me regarding prices for originals or prints if interested. I am also open to commission work, discovering and putting your ideas on canvas or paper.


Artist: Jennifer Linderman

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I am a mixed media artist and art teacher (including here at Richmond Art Center) working in a wide variety of media including watercolor, colored pencil, ink, acryla gouche, and markers. My favorite subjects to render include human portraits, animals, and botanicals. I enjoy using bright, bold color palettes to illustrate my subjects and this method is widely recognized as my signature style! Brighten up a spot in your home with one of my colorful portraits or splash some color around yourself in my self-published coloring book!

About: I am self-taught mixed media artist passionate about teaching others what I have learned over the past several years about making art! I love inspiring others to take that first step (or first pencil stroke) and see where the journey leads you!


Contact: You may purchase wares in my “shop” on my website or contact me via email with further inquiries:

Satsumabug / Lisa Hsia

Artist: Lisa Hsia

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: My Etsy shop features prints ($10-39) and a few small original watercolors (under $100).

About: I’m a writer, artist, and mother living in Oakland — though in my pandemic life the “writer” and “artist” designations feel lofty and aspirational, eclipsed by the reality of 24-7 mothering. In the before times, I had a solo show, “How To Make Art with a Toddler,” at Resurrect boutique on Piedmont Avenue, a series of pieces in Kearny Street Workshop’s annual APAture festival, a portrait project at Manifesta salon, and illustrations on various websites.

Online Store:

Contact: I’d love to meet you on Instagram or at I wish you well in these strange and uncertain times. Thank you for engaging with my work!

Emily Van Engel

Artist: Emily Van Engel

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Environmental issues have felt personal and urgent for me from the day I understood the gravity of global warming as a pre-teen. I devote my art practice to exploring climate change and other environmental issues, and I have turned some of my more positive-thinking art projects into greeting cards where folks can spread messages of hope and awareness. Browse my Etsy shop to see cards from several bodies of work, and please contact me if you would like me to make a custom card pack for you:

“Power From Within,” is a reproduction of a glass piece that suggests that our human power is stronger than the power that we can derive from the earth.

“Building for Us All” is a reproduction of bricks made out of paper-mâiché and paint. I invited viewers to use the bricks to make their own sculptures and formations; a collaboration in co-creating our build world.

“Intentions” depicts yoga and meditation in watercolor.

“Bracelets of two cultures” conveys my desire for collaboration instead of competition.

“Peace and Vogue” represents a series of oil paintings where I collaged fashion advertisements and made paintings from the collages while envisioning a future without environmental issues.

About: Emily Van Engel was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey and currently lives in Oakland, California. She received a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University, a BFA in Painting from California College of the Arts and an MFA in Pictorial Art from San José State University. She completed a glass artist residency at the Bay Area Bullseye Projects Resource Center in the summer of 2016. She has taught painting and drawing at several art institutions of the Bay Area including the Richmond Art Center. Most recently, by using air pollution to paint commonly experienced moments, she shows how many facets of our lives are intertwined with irreversible environmental destruction. Most of us either don’t see the pollution that builds in our industrialized world, or we generally try to ignore the unsustainable aspects of how we live. However, her paintings — where all of the pigment comes from air pollution sediment gathered in her neighborhood from window ledges, highway underpasses, and parking garages — ask us to do the opposite. Each piece asks: what are the hidden consequences of our industrial outputs, who suffers, what needs to change, and, she hopes, where might we look for solutions.

Online Store:

Contact: Visit my artist portfolio and contact me through my website at You can also visit my shop on Redbubble to apply my art on clothing, stationery and accessories:

Oil on board by Gwendolyn Meyer

Artist: Gwendolyn Meyer

Holiday Sales? YES

Title of Series: When the world stopped it was beautiful
Plein air oil on board
Painted on Tomales Bay east and west shores March to October 2020

This series of small oil on board was started during the Covid 19 lockdown, March 2020, in Marshall California where I was more or less stranded. Although all the parks were closed, I could kayak on the bay and across to the West shore beaches. At the time very few people were on the bay and nature seemed so much stronger, it was very peaceful and beautiful. These oils on board are studies in appreciation of the color and shape of this landscape. Where the names of places are known they are named on the work.

About: I work in oils, photography (, and drawing to explore the world around me. The themes I am interested in focusing on are our human nature connection at this particular planetary turning point.
BFA Photography and Drawing 2004 California College of the Arts (CCA).

Instagram: @likethelemon

Contact: I can be contacted at 831 236 8504 via a text or voice for sales or commissions.


Artist: TheArthur Wright

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I use Bleach as my medium for fine art and items that are drawn from that creation include, greeting cards, tee shirts and a newly release art book.

About: I was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1940. Three years later during the Second World War the family moved to Seattle where my father found defense work at Boeing. My career has given me a lot of interesting things to do, including a call to Hollywood, short-lived however, and then becoming a board member of the Artship, a renovated ship of war that became a seaborne arts venue in Oakland, during which time I took care of much of the electrical work aboard the ship, even getting my name in the credits of two indie film made aboard-ship and some minor voice-overs. The ArtShip was forced to terminate in 2004. My first internet sale in 1997 was to a person of Zulu heritage from South Africa and one of the most recent to a Swedish representative of the Carnaval, a huge and sprawling global celebration that deals intensively with the peoples of the African Diaspora. For the 2003 Carnaval in San Francisco my bleach rendering of ‘Califia, Queen of California’ was chosen as the poster cover for that event. I have since been shown and honored in various schools and colleges such as Stanford, UCLA, Sonoma State and Santa Rosa JC and a much longer and growing list. The introduction of bleach into my art has been a huge catalyst and in it I find enough nuances to explore to take me the rest of the way. Until recently I was a member the board of directors for Prescott-Joseph, a non-profit located here in Oakland.

Online Store:


Rebeca’s Art Prints

Artist: Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: I will be selling notecards and gicleé prints of my most popular paintings, as well as some affordable original work smaller than 16″ x 20.” The prints include still lives, local landscape paintings and some latino-themed work. I also sell original paintings and you will have a chance to see my inventory if you come by my vendor table!

About: I am a Puerto Rican painter. My work is representational and tends to be very local in subject and focused on social justice issues. I have been working with Richmond Art Center for a long time and teach here too. I studied printmaking at the University of Puerto Rico where I earned a BFA, then came to CA and became a painter. I am now a working artist living in Richmond.


Contact: Please visit my new site to learn about the various possibilities: commissions, illustration, classes and murals. My rates are reasonable and I have references. You can also email me at

Image 1: Red Crane and Ship, acrylic on canvas.
Image 2: Gardening at the Blake, oil on canvas.
Image 3: Winter Pomegranates, watercolor.

100 Paintings of Oakland

Artist: Meredith Steele

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: 100 Paintings of Oakland is a project I have been working on for the past year or so. This series was inspired by walks around my neighborhood and quickly expanded into sights that I photographed all over the city, then painted in my home studio. I am donating 20 percent of the profits from this project to various local non-profit organizations.

About: I am originally from North Carolina, but relocated to the Bay Area in 2009. I have been an art teacher for 20 years, most recently teaching in the Upper School at Bentley School in Lafayette. I left teaching this year to focus more time on my painting. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Winthrop University. When I’m not painting I am often walking my German Shepherd around the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland, were I live.


Contact: Instagram Link:

I have original paintings and prints available as part of this project, 100 Paintings of Oakland. I have been accepting commissions of other sites to paint in the area.

Karen Kramer Watercolors

Artist: Karen Kramer

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Working primarily in watercolor, my paintings express the joyful feelings I have of being in nature. Nature is infinitely complex and full of juxtapositions, dark and light, sharp and soft, living and dying – but at the same time harmonious and lyrical Through transparency, color, and layering techniques I try and capture this feeling. I work on both paper and wood and create my own compositions from photographs I take hiking, backpacking, traveling, or walking around Oakland. Please check out my website to get a full view of my work and gift items available.

I offer:

  • Original paintings and commissions
  • Archival quality prints on 300 lb cotton water color paper ($30 for 9 x 12 print – other sizes available)
  • Archival quality prints on natural wood frames ready to hang. ($50 for 8 x 10) – other sizes available
  • Gift sets of 6 Notecards, each featuring a different painting ($20 per set of 6 cards)
  • Fine Art Masks featuring reproductions of my artwork (4 different designs available) ($17 per mask)
    Masks are contoured (good for glasses!) and made from comfortable quilted jersey cotton (machine wash/dryer safe) for those looking for something beautiful and artsy to wear. Also make great gifts.

About: Born in New York City, I was raised in Berkeley, California. Although I spent most of my career as a public interest lawyer I returned to my original passions of painting and drawing in 2010. I currently work out of my studio at Studios 11, near Jack London Square in Oakland and show and sell my work both locally and nationally. I also teach a watercolor workshop at the Richmond Art Center. Studios 11 is now open to the public on a part-time and on-appointment basis (and follows Covid safety protocols). Please contact me below if you would like to come by!


Contact: You can find more of my work on my website and IG site @karenkramerart. To purchase original paintings, prints, face masks, or a set of notecards – or if you have any questions – please contact me through my website or email me at or DM me on IG at @karenkramerart. I respond quickly! Thank you!

Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Artist: Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: My work is based on traditional Japanese art method called nihonga and sumi-e, ink brush painting. My work is all organic and spiritual, with elements of the philosophy of Zen and Shinto. I hope my work can bring viewers peace in mind.

About: I was born and raised in Kyoto, where I studied Japanese art and history, and specialize in the Japanese brush painting methods sumi-e and nihonga. After traveling the world, I reached to San Francisco in 2003. My work has also incorporated elements of multi cultural art. Over the years I have developed several styles of art from traditional representational ink painting to abstract mixed media. Yet they are all organic and spiritual, based on the philosophies of Zen and Shinto. I have exhibited at art museums, galleries, and institutions in Japan since 1984 and internationally since 2003.

Online Store:

Contact: More work and information can be seen at my website and facebook pages.

Primary Website:
Facebook pages:

Information about upcoming show, classes, workshops and private lessons

For inquiry about my work and/or classes, workshop and private lessons, feel free to contact me via email:

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