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Artist: L Holley

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: HolleyinBlack designs are reflective of my formal education in engineering and much time spent with my mom while she painted. I hybrid social and industrial aspects. Often abstract, movement remains a foundational theme. Materials used are archival, pH neutral and/or acid-free. During these “holley-days” all art is 10% off with free shipping.

About: I’m excited to share with you my newest designs and favorite archived works. Shop my inspirations, view my process. I truly enjoy what I do!


Last Note: Interested in what else occupies my creative time? You’ll enjoy even more at:

Harmony Arts

Artist: Jennifer Riggs

Work: I have been collecting detritus that I find beautiful for a long time. Some have considered me a pack-rat, but I knew that I was waiting for my time, when I would start putting it all together in a new way. When the pandemic forced art classes and communities to go online, I gained new access previously unavailable to me due to my disability. This sparked new creativity, motivation, and so much learning.

My work is primarily in mixed media collage. I explore themes in nature especially of roots and branches as they are entwined with personal history and immigration. I enjoy using found images, painted paper, and cut paper.

No holiday items are available, but I am open to commission requests for collage and fiber works.

About: Harmony Arts is just me and my various arts and crafts adventures. I started in wire and bead jewelry and currently do mixed media work in paper collage and with alpaca/churro wool fibers. My formal education is a BA from NYU in History and Education in preparation for a career in non-profit management. In retirement, I began my arts education from working artists like those at RAC.

Late Note: Enjoy the Holiday Season! See what I’m working on: Instagram: @harmonyartscollage

Pretty Fun Designs

Artist: Riquelle Small

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: Pretty Fun Designs, creates jewelry that reflects an eclectic mixture of frivolity, power and elegance. Pretty Fun Designs jewelry is consciously designed, hand-assembled, and energy-charged. Feel & look great wearing Pretty Fun Designs.

About: Designer Riquelle Small has been creating handmade jewelry for over 25 years. She loves art, beauty and balanced chaos. The goal of Pretty Fun Designs is to inspire self-confidence, self-love and Joy.

Late Note: Enjoy!

Nakashima Fine Arts

Artist: Dawn Nakashima

Work: I worked for a while in the 90’s at SFMOMA as an installer. Exposure to “museum art” had a strange effect on me. Does art have to be so “precious?” Is it only for people who have lots of money? I grew up on a produce farm in Central California. “Museum art” wasn’t really a thing. But I saw value in learning a craft, practicing and sharing it. I like to think the art I create now is very accessible – something that you can have in your everyday life. The imagery of my work speaks to things that amuse me – like my love of baseball, the American/English vernacular, exploring my Japanese heritage, life in the Bay Area.

About: Being an artist wasn’t really a thing when I was growing up. It wasn’t practical. It was for hippies and druggies. I got a degree in Industrial Design from SJSU. While it was a great education I kept gravitating back toward art as expression. I eventually got my MFA in Studio Art from Mills College in Oakland. I was reluctant to learn computer skills to advance my art because early on I didn’t like the aesthetic – it looked like it was created on the computer. I’ve come to embrace Illustrator and Photoshop as tools that help me work more efficiently while still creating my own unique creations.

Last Note: I press all my mugs in my studio. All the designs are original to me. I think people will like them. They are inexpensive and unique and original. Some of my imagery is tied to “Mochi Tsuki” – the coming together to make rice cakes in the Japanese tradition. In my hometown of Livingston, CA we’ve had a Mochi Tsuki (usually between Christmas & New Year’s) for the past 40+ years. Sadly, we didn’t have one in 2020 due to the pandemic. This year’s event was also cancelled.

Bowerbird Atelier

Artist: Stephanie McKenna

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: With a background in Graphic Design and branding, I thrive in the challenge to create stationery that is not only beautiful, but heartfelt. I explore the intersection between connection and ritual through my Fleurot Tarot Deck & related stationery products. I love finding ways to intersect my deep interest for intention and ritual with my ongoing passion for community connection and celebration.

About: A graphic designer and botanical illustrator, Stephanie is a 10th-generation colonizer descendent on a journey to reconnect with her Northern European ancestors by studying plants and the craft of weaving. She is a lifelong guest on the ancestral lands of the Ohlone people (now know as Oakland, California) and is exploring what it means to be from a place you aren’t actually “from.”

Last Note: Thank you so much for shopping – happy solstice!

Julia Beery

Artist: Julia Beery

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I became interested in nudibranchs (a type of sea slug) while a student in Monterey. I painted the Rainbow nudibranch, and one of my teachers encouraged me to make a series of digital paintings. Along the way, I learned to translate the subtle gradations of watercolor to painting in photoshop. With seventeen species completed, with each species I gain a new appreciation for these fabulously ornate and delicate creatures. Working with Abachar studios in Monterey, I have a nudibranch prints on canvas for sale. Many of my original watercolor paintings are also available for purchase.

About: I am a science illustrator and artist with an affinity for mushrooms, bats, and all kinds of plants. My science illustrations aim to make images of the natural world that are both informative and exciting. I also enjoy creating paintings of botanical and fungal subjects, getting lost in the intricacies of leaf venation or the folds of mushroom gills. I currently live in the Bay Area, which continues to surprise me with its astounding biodiversity.



Artist: Kelsey Westphal

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I make comics that dance outside of books and onto bodies/into space. My cartooning practice include prints and zines into more usable, wearable, and enjoyable art like mugs, blankets, hoodies, hats, wall clocks, and other household items. What I have been selling most these days has been woven blankets with detailed comic scenes on them, both with custom designs and with pre-made images.

About: I am an experimental cartoonist based in Oakland, CA. Drawing is how I question, capture and relish in the experience of life itself. I studied English Literature and French at UC Berkeley, where I serendipitously fell into zine-making and DIY music. Electrified by the community and freedom of this new-found creative dimension, I then spent two years in Angoulême, France, where I pursued a Research Masters in Comics and Creation. Nowadays, I create a monthly newsletter with A.B.O. Comix Collective, publisher of LGBTQ artists in prisons across the United States, ride my bike around, and work as a gardener across the Bay Area! I believe that drawing is a non-intrusive, ever-expansive tool for engaging with anyone and anything, “artist” or not, and it has the power to connect people and change the very fabric of reality.

Last Note: Currently accepting blanket/painting/drawing commissions, and selling existing blanket designs, my newest zine “Squanderlust #6”, and a handful of limited edition prints. Please contact me directly as my store may still be under construction. 🙂


Artist: Eli Africa

Work: SamTrans reached out to find visual artists in the San Francisco Bay Area who could create artwork to address their anti-racism campaign. My artwork attempts to make a positive impact by representing a diversity of characters in the bus-wrap design that was eventually applied to two Samtrans buses. These buses were then scheduled to change routes from time to time so that more neighborhoods that SamTrans served could see and experience the art firsthand. The Bus-Wrap was hand-drawn with Adobe Fresco on an iPad.

About: Eli was born in San Bernardino, California to Filipino immigrant parents. When his father retired from the U.S. Army, Eli immigrated to the Philippines with his family and lived there until he graduated from college. Upon moving back to California, he landed visual design jobs as a freelancer and also worked in several art production houses. During one of his trips back to the Philippines, he was invited to teach at his alma mater, the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, where he taught subjects in drawing techniques, art materials, photography, and conducted art outreach programs.

Soon after Eli got married and started a family, he moved back to California with his wife and two kids and started from scratch all over again. Since drawing faces was something he did for fun as a young art student, one of his first gigs upon returning to California was drawing caricatures on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. In various creative capacities, he has since worked with the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Children’s Creativity Museum, Asian Pacific Fund, Youth Speaks, Exploratorium, de Young Museum, University of California Scout,, and HMB Media.


Last Note: Feel free to explore and click through my website at As a multimedia artist, I can be commissioned for work in illustration, graphic design, iconography, editorial photography, animation, motion graphics, and video production/editing. I also create 2-5 minute chalk pastel caricatures for special events

Contact: Eli Africa
(510) 734-2407 mobile.

Kyoko Bischof

Artist: Kyoko Bischof

Work: Drawings in charcoal: I describe things, nature and people around me by charcoal and eraser.

Betsy Streeter

Artist: Betsy Streeter

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: My illustrations and drawings tend to involve animals and other creatures getting up to all sorts of things, like putting on plays, or dressing up, or generally being fabulous. “Sloth and Manatee” are two friends who came into being starting in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, and who have continued to travel around and wonder about the world. “Enter, Pursued by a Skunk” is a series of drawings I made about animals putting on plays up at the Bruns Amphitheater, home of Cal Shakes, when all the humans went home (benefits Cal Shakes!). I send comics and other goodies each week to my email list at

About: I’m a longtime cartoonist and illustrator and an East Bay native, with past lives in film, design, video games, and nonprofit theater. I’m on the board at California Shakespeare Theater. One of my cartoons travels around with the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory’s exhibit on black holes, and another one, if you look really closely, is on the wall of Paul Giamatti’s character’s office in the movie, “San Andreas.”

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Instagram: @betsystreeter
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Reddit: u/betsystreeter
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