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Artist: Katherine Bacher

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I use fabric with my own design, created with collage, painting and photos. I sew the different fabric types, usually chiffon, satin and cotton into scarfs, bags, backpacks, phone bags, pillows and table clothes. A few masks are still available as well With fabric of the scarfs I also create unique and unusual necklaces with three different adjustable lengths, adding interesting and unique beads, pendants and knots. Combining a lot of technics like applique, sewing, embroidery and machine knitting I am also make wall hangings as abstract nonfunctional art, where I express my emotions in my favorite media, the textiles.

About: Living first in Switzerland, I taught textiles in elementary and middle schools and was just an educator. Immigrating to the US, where I studied Textiles and Mixed Media, allowed me and gave the freedom to focus on my own personal art, abstract and functional. Being half retired now, as being an art teacher to small children and Early Childhood educator, gives me time to expand more and more into my own personal art and to make it available to the public. It gives me immense pleasure when people like my creations, wear it and use. I think my fresh approach to colors, shapes and texture makes people happy, which is an honor to me. Thank you!

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Last Note: These items are good Christmas gifts, on the small and less expensive scale, so it can be purchased easily, but they can be bought all year around, to treat others and/or the buyer yourself.

Susie Hodges

Artist: Susie Hodges

Work: The art & craft of handweaving is my daily concern. The added factors of utility & meaning add value to handweaving rather than subtract from it. There is always something new to try, & I hope my photos show some of the possibilities. “Lantern Lights in Kyoto” is yardage in a new/old structure called Deflected Double Weave that uses 6 colors of wool/silk in both warp & weft. The “Goth Baby Blanket” worn by my granddaughter Morgan is my own variant on 4 shaft Summer & Winter weave. And, “La PrimaAnna” is one of a series of handwoven portraits using upcycled materials with traditional tapestry & rug techniques. It depicts my 8 year old granddaughter as Flora in Botticelli’s painting “La Primavera”.

About: I come from several generations of handweavers. I learned to weave in college and taught secondary & adult school in my younger years. I have taught art and textiles to children & adults for over 60 years. I exhibit my work locally on occasion & have shown pieces in the RAC Members’ Show since it began. I am a winner of the Handweavers’ Guild of America Award. My work & that of other N. CA. weavers can be see at the Conference of Northern California Handweavers’ Conference, May 19-22, 2022, at the Hyatt Airport Hotel. Public admission to the vendors & exhibits of this show is $15.

Laura Kamian McDermott Tapestry Weaving and Greeting Cards

Artist: Laura Kamian McDermott Tapestry

Holiday Sales? YES

Work: Small Tapestries and Greeting Card Packs with images of my Tapestry Weaving and Felted Armenian Alphabet for sale. I am obsessed with cheerful color and abstract design! My weavings are carefully constructed with quality materials and techniques to produce a high quality textile. Cards are 5.5″ x 4″, come in packs of 5 or 10, and are printed on high quality cardstock with envelopes included.

About: Laura Kamian McDermott is a textile artist who uses labor-intensive techniques to make work that insists on the value of creative labor in an era that shows little respect for such a pursuit. Inherent in her work is the belief in the power of the handmade to address social ills, support mental and community health, and bring out some of humanity’s more positive traits. Through her woven, knitted, and embroidered techniques-meticulously studied and executed- she produces a high-quality textile. Laura studied Painting at Reed College and Textiles at San Francisco State University. She was born in Oakland and currently resides in Richmond.

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Contact: Please visit my website or follow me on Instagram @laurakamianmcdermott to read more about and see more of my work!

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