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Julia Beery

Artist: Julia Beery

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Work: I became interested in nudibranchs (a type of sea slug) while a student in Monterey. I painted the Rainbow nudibranch, and one of my teachers encouraged me to make a series of digital paintings. Along the way, I learned to translate the subtle gradations of watercolor to painting in photoshop. With seventeen species completed, with each species I gain a new appreciation for these fabulously ornate and delicate creatures. Working with Abachar studios in Monterey, I have a nudibranch prints on canvas for sale. Many of my original watercolor paintings are also available for purchase.

About: I am a science illustrator and artist with an affinity for mushrooms, bats, and all kinds of plants. My science illustrations aim to make images of the natural world that are both informative and exciting. I also enjoy creating paintings of botanical and fungal subjects, getting lost in the intricacies of leaf venation or the folds of mushroom gills. I currently live in the Bay Area, which continues to surprise me with its astounding biodiversity.



Artist: Kelsey Westphal

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I make comics that dance outside of books and onto bodies/into space. My cartooning practice include prints and zines into more usable, wearable, and enjoyable art like mugs, blankets, hoodies, hats, wall clocks, and other household items. What I have been selling most these days has been woven blankets with detailed comic scenes on them, both with custom designs and with pre-made images.

About: I am an experimental cartoonist based in Oakland, CA. Drawing is how I question, capture and relish in the experience of life itself. I studied English Literature and French at UC Berkeley, where I serendipitously fell into zine-making and DIY music. Electrified by the community and freedom of this new-found creative dimension, I then spent two years in Angoulême, France, where I pursued a Research Masters in Comics and Creation. Nowadays, I create a monthly newsletter with A.B.O. Comix Collective, publisher of LGBTQ artists in prisons across the United States, ride my bike around, and work as a gardener across the Bay Area! I believe that drawing is a non-intrusive, ever-expansive tool for engaging with anyone and anything, “artist” or not, and it has the power to connect people and change the very fabric of reality.

Last Note: Currently accepting blanket/painting/drawing commissions, and selling existing blanket designs, my newest zine “Squanderlust #6”, and a handful of limited edition prints. Please contact me directly as my store may still be under construction. 🙂


Artist: Eli Africa

Work: SamTrans reached out to find visual artists in the San Francisco Bay Area who could create artwork to address their anti-racism campaign. My artwork attempts to make a positive impact by representing a diversity of characters in the bus-wrap design that was eventually applied to two Samtrans buses. These buses were then scheduled to change routes from time to time so that more neighborhoods that SamTrans served could see and experience the art firsthand. The Bus-Wrap was hand-drawn with Adobe Fresco on an iPad.

About: Eli was born in San Bernardino, California to Filipino immigrant parents. When his father retired from the U.S. Army, Eli immigrated to the Philippines with his family and lived there until he graduated from college. Upon moving back to California, he landed visual design jobs as a freelancer and also worked in several art production houses. During one of his trips back to the Philippines, he was invited to teach at his alma mater, the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, where he taught subjects in drawing techniques, art materials, photography, and conducted art outreach programs.

Soon after Eli got married and started a family, he moved back to California with his wife and two kids and started from scratch all over again. Since drawing faces was something he did for fun as a young art student, one of his first gigs upon returning to California was drawing caricatures on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. In various creative capacities, he has since worked with the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Children’s Creativity Museum, Asian Pacific Fund, Youth Speaks, Exploratorium, de Young Museum, University of California Scout,, and HMB Media.


Last Note: Feel free to explore and click through my website at As a multimedia artist, I can be commissioned for work in illustration, graphic design, iconography, editorial photography, animation, motion graphics, and video production/editing. I also create 2-5 minute chalk pastel caricatures for special events

Contact: Eli Africa
(510) 734-2407 mobile.

Kyoko Bischof

Artist: Kyoko Bischof

Work: Drawings in charcoal: I describe things, nature and people around me by charcoal and eraser.

Betsy Streeter

Artist: Betsy Streeter

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: My illustrations and drawings tend to involve animals and other creatures getting up to all sorts of things, like putting on plays, or dressing up, or generally being fabulous. “Sloth and Manatee” are two friends who came into being starting in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, and who have continued to travel around and wonder about the world. “Enter, Pursued by a Skunk” is a series of drawings I made about animals putting on plays up at the Bruns Amphitheater, home of Cal Shakes, when all the humans went home (benefits Cal Shakes!). I send comics and other goodies each week to my email list at

About: I’m a longtime cartoonist and illustrator and an East Bay native, with past lives in film, design, video games, and nonprofit theater. I’m on the board at California Shakespeare Theater. One of my cartoons travels around with the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory’s exhibit on black holes, and another one, if you look really closely, is on the wall of Paul Giamatti’s character’s office in the movie, “San Andreas.”

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Instagram: @betsystreeter
Twitter: @betsystreeter
Reddit: u/betsystreeter
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Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Artist: Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: My art is based on Japanese brush painting methods including sumi-e and calligraphy that I have practiced for almost 40 years. I make both abstract and representational artworks using mainly sumi-ink, brush and paper. For colors I use Japanese mineral pigments called iwaenogu, permanent colors other than watercolors and acrylics. My original art are all on sale 20% off during holiday season. Also reproductions, archival prints on paper, canvas and goods such as cups and T-shirts and more are available through my website

About: Born and raised in Kyoto, where I studied Japanese brush painting methods sumi-e and nihonga. Since moving to San Francisco in 2004, my work has also incorporated elements of American art. Over the years I developed my art style that is organic and spiritual, based on the philosophies of Zen, Shintoism and Taoism. My works have been exhibited widely at art museums and galleries in Japan since 1984 , Guatemala in 2003 and in the United States since 2004.

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Melody Rose

Artist: Melody Rose Serra

Holiday Sales? Yes

About: Melody’s passion is teaching and empowering others by sharing what she has learned. She started an arts and crafts program at a children’s hospital and also taught at San Quentin State Prison. Melody hopes to inspire youth to explore and expand their creativity through web development, writing, and art.


Teabug Art

Artist: Tatyana Ryevzina

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I draw and paint using mostly watercolors, gouache and ink, as well as make some collages and occasional fiber artwork (such as embroidery). I really enjoy making original greeting cards and bookmarks. A lot of my work is intuitive and inspired by the natural world. One of my goals is to help make original artwork more accessible for every budget.

About: I have been making art since childhood. I grew up in Russia and have several artists, tailors, poets and architects in my family tree. I studied art and architecture in college, but ultimately pursued a career in alternative medicine. While being sheltered in place during the pandemic, my artwork stash kept growing, and with encouragement from friends and family, I decided to start an Instagram account for my art and an Etsy shop for my original pieces. I am loving this aspect of creativity as well, deciding which pieces to put out into the world and sending something lovingly made by hand to another human being. My day job is practicing acupuncture in a community clinic I helped found 13+ years ago. I live in Richmond with my spouse and two cats.

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Emily Van Engel

Artist: Emily Van Engel

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: Environmental issues have felt personal and urgent for me from the day I understood the gravity of global warming as a pre-teen. I devote my art practice to exploring climate change and other environmental issues, and I have turned some of my more positive-thinking art projects into greeting cards where folks can spread messages of hope and awareness. Browse my Etsy shop to see cards from several bodies of work, and please contact me if you would like me to make a custom card pack for you:

“Power From Within,” is a reproduction of a glass piece that suggests that our human power is stronger than the power that we can derive from the earth.

“Building for Us All” is a reproduction of bricks made out of paper-mâiché and paint. I invited viewers to use the bricks to make their own sculptures and formations; a collaboration in co-creating our build world.

“Intentions” depicts yoga and meditation in watercolor.

“Bracelets of two cultures” conveys my desire for collaboration instead of competition.

“Peace and Vogue” represents a series of oil paintings where I collaged fashion advertisements and made paintings from the collages while envisioning a future without environmental issues.

About: Emily Van Engel was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey. She earned a BA in French Studies and Economics at Wesleyan University and subsequently worked in environmental and affordable housing organizations for nearly a decade in Jackson, Wyoming. Given the enormity and urgency of the ecological crisis, she redirected her efforts to visual art about our relationship with our environment, which she explored while completing a BFA in Painting and Drawing from California College of the Arts and an MFA in Pictorial Art from San José State University. As an artist in residence at the Bullseye Resource Center in Emeryville, California, she made glass panels that speak to the cognitive dissonance she feels about living in today’s ecological crisis. She showed this work at Bullseye’s “In Residence: Bay Area” and in Women Eco Artist Dialog’s juried show “Reclaiming Earth” at the San Francisco Public Library. Van Engel co-curated “Patterns of Disintegration” at Works Gallery in San José, California, which also included her paintings that she made out of air pollution sediment. Most recently, her abstract watercolors that seek what it feels like to support each other to create a society and environment in balance were included in Richmond Art Center’s online show “This Land Is Me,” presented as part of the national series “Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss.”

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Last Note: Visit my artist portfolio and contact me through my website at You can also visit my shop on Redbubble to apply my art on clothing, stationery and accessories:

Kieren Dutcher Illustration

Artist: Kieren Dutcher

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: My artwork is inspired by the beautiful California landscape, folk art and COLOR. I love to paint the small things I notice and that bring me happiness – a beautiful flower, bird, pattern or texture. I hope it makes you happy, too. My work is printed locally on greeting cards, and art prints. I also carve linoleum blocks, which are silkscreened onto cotton tea towels. I sometimes make pins and stickers of my work as well.

About: I grew up in Oakland in a family of makers. I earned a BFA at CCAC, later an MA in Art Education. I taught art to kids for many years – now I’m in my studio, working with adult artists at NIAD(, or teaching workshops. My first picture book, ‘Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Stories to Share and Sing’ (Tuttle. 2010) won ‘Best Books of the Year’ from the Chinese American Library Association award , a new edition published in 2018. Highlights Magazine published ‘Spider’s Christmas Gift’, December 2020. I sell my paintings, prints, greeting cards, scarves and tea towels on Etsy, and at craft/art sales and shops. My work is in private collections and two hospitals: Sutter (Van Ness campus, SF) and Kaiser (Pediatric Behavioral Health, Petaluma, CA). One of my prints is on TV! (Council of Dads, NBC) My work has been published in Uppercase Magazine, Highlights Magazine, and Edible East Bay among others. ​ Follow me on Instagram or join my mailing list to find out what I’m up to! ​

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Late Note: Let me know if you’d like to come pick up your order! Peace and love to the RAC community and beyond this holiday season.

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