Cigar Box Diorama


You don’t have to be a child to love to make dioramas. It’s one of those classic projects, where one can capture a perfect moment in time all in miniature. And who doesn’t love miniatures? Join me in turning one of your favorite children’s books, stories or poems into a magical world filled with tiny characters and their “things,” all contained in one little box. Students will explore using found objects, craft supplies and ephemera to create a layered story book diorama and go home with a unique art piece to display or give to a loved one. Teens and adults welcome. $20 materials fee due to instructor day of.

Instructor: Dawn Gonzales
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Dawn Gonzales

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Class Materials


  • favorite children’s book with pictures — I’ll bring some too
  • small toys, miniatures or doo-dads that you might have and want to incorporate – I’ll have some too
  • old magazines, or greeting cards
  • shells, beads or odd bits of jewelry. Broken necklaces and orphan earrings are great!