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The word collagraph comes from the word “Kolla”, which in Greek means to glue and “graph”, which means to draw or write. The collagraph is a process that involves both relief and intaglio style printing. It is a very versatile and explorative process inside the roundhouse of printmaking. Collagraph technique uses both additive and subtractive methods to create a matrix for printing. This process is informative and inventive for both intermediate and seasoned student-artists. The class also discusses this idea of the object that you make versus the print that we make from it. The materials to print involve wood panel or cardboard paper as the substrate, also scrap materials, making it a less expensive process to work with. During this class we will learn how to build a collagraph plate using a plethora of materials that are safe for the press (additive method). We will also carve into cardboard and wooden substrates to create a relief style plate for printing. We will also add materials to these plates making them a collagraph. During the class we will learn other ways to incorporate printmaking process like using chin-colle and inking/tonal methods to create layers and more depth in our work.

Instructor: Dara Lorenzo
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Dara Lorenzo

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Materials List

  • 1 Sheet of Mat board, 18″ x 24″
  • 4 Sheets of printmaking paper, 18″ x 24″

Our well-equipped printmaking studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from expansive west-facing windows
  • A 20 x 40 inch bed Charles Brand etching press
  • Inking station, tub for soaking paper, drying rack
  • Non-toxic water based inks
  • A 6-color, 6-station T-shirt press for screenprinting
  • Darkroom for coating screens, emulsion, and an exposure unit
  • Screen reclaimer and washout station with power washer
  • Flash dryer and heat press