Evening Weaving for Beginners or Continuing Students


Simple or complex, colorful or neutral, smooth or textured: find your own balance of elements. Students may elect to pursue individual projects. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of weaving. Those interested in dyeing will learn free dyeing, where threads are set on a table and become a canvas to paint. Teens welcome.


Instructor: Stacy Speyer
Class Number: W17FA4 Category:

Stacy Speyer

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Our sunlit Fiber Arts studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from skylights and expansive north-facing windows
  • 31 multi-shaft floor looms including one 16-shaft AVL Dobby and one 12-shaft Gilmore
  • One computerized 16-shaft AVL Dobby
  • Table looms, inkle looms, spinning wheels, and drop spindles
  • Facilities for dyeing
  • Several sewing machines