Figure Drawing Lab


Drawing the human form is a great way to advance your vision! Work from the figure alongside the studio monitor and develop hand-eye coordination, a sense of proportion and composition, and your own style of expression. This class is designed for students to work independently in painting, drawing, or sculpting. Water-based media only. Limited guidance and critique available, some prior figure drawing experience is recommended. Model fees included in class fee.

Instructor: Suzanne Lacke
Class Number: W17PD7 Category:

Suzanne Lacke

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Materials List

  • Vine charcoal
  • 18 x 24 pad of paper

The rest of the materials will be discussed on the first day of class.

Our spacious, high-ceilinged painting and drawing studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from skylights and expansive north-facing windows
  • Color corrected daylight bulbs
  • Adjustable spotlights for dramatic lighting
  • Work tables and drawing benches
  • Easels and drawing boards 
  • Double wash sink for wet media and clean up
  • Movable raised platform and furniture for working from the figure
  • A ready-to-use still life supply cabinet