Fundamentals of Drawing 2


Working in charcoal and drawing still life, learn accurate proportion and placement, modeling and edge control, as well as value patterning and composition. Learn these drawing fundamentals and learn skills to advance your artistic exploration and expression. Beginning and intermediate students will hone drawing techniques and develop expertise that is easily transferable to other media.

Instructor: Ned Axthelm
Class Number: W17PD11 Category:

Ned Axthelm

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Our spacious, high-ceilinged painting and drawing studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from skylights and expansive north-facing windows
  • Color corrected daylight bulbs
  • Adjustable spotlights for dramatic lighting
  • Work tables and drawing benches
  • Easels and drawing boards 
  • Double wash sink for wet media and clean up
  • Movable raised platform and furniture for working from the figure
  • A ready-to-use still life supply cabinet


Materials List

– Generals Charcoal Pencils: H, 2B, 4B, 6B, white
– pencil extender
– kneeded eraser
– soft vine charcoal
– blending stumps or tortillons
– sandpaper pointer
– eraser pencils or Paper Mate brand tuff stuff eraser stick
– chamois
– 18 x 24 Drawing paper pad