Intermediate Form on the Wheel


Investigate the beauty of the wheel-thrown form! Explore what makes a particular form exciting, new, and pleasing to both the eye and the hand. Surface decoration, glazing, and various firing techniques included. Prior wheel throwing experience recommended.

Instructor: Marisa Burman
Class Number: W17C5 Category:

Marisa Burman

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Our spacious, sunlit ceramics studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from expansive north-facing windows
  • Ample table space for hand building
  • 18 potter wheels for throwing, a slab roller and an extruder
  • Damp room and glaze room with spray booth
  • Wide selection of glazes, slips, oxides, and under glazes.

Our studio tech oversees our kilns and firings (high-fire reduction, mid-fire oxidation, low-fire glaze, and raku)