Introduction to Ceramics STEAM

Students enjoy countless creative possibilities working with clay. Our teaching artist teaches basic techniques through short-term projects, highlighting one or two techniques at a time, the safe use of tools and the nature of clay as a medium. Clay works are fired at the Richmond Art Center and taken back to the your school or site where students glaze them.

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Instructor: Richmond Art Center

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) is a curriculum that integrates the visual arts with Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Our teaching artists introduce STEAM concepts through engaging projects that integrate design with artistic processes. Students brainstorm and develop their ideas in sketchbooks and then explore and experiment with key concepts in a collaborative setting. Their explorations and resulting designs are presented to parents during a final community celebration.

Benefits of STEAM:

  • Develops creativity and independent thinking, what are the 21st century skills of entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Inspires creativity and innovation, which can be applied to any career a student pursues
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Develops interpersonal communication and collaboration skills
  • Promotes understanding of societies and cultures

The Richmond Art Center is proud to be bringing the nationally recognized curriculum to Richmond in collaboration with several local organizations.