Mix Those Media


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Stretch your boundaries and approach painting from a less predictable perspective! This class inspires continuing artists to strengthen their visual voice and discover the joy of working in a more personal way in new visual territory. Combine both traditional and unusual media to yield rich results. Explore Mira’s mixed media methods: watercolor, acrylic, soft pastels, collage techniques and incorporate your personal preferences. Weekly demo and informal lecture!  Previous experience in painting and drawing necessary for this class.

Instructor: Mira M. White
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Mira M. White

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Materials List

This class involves creating artworks from a variety of materials. Artists acquire a great many supplies in their experiments with form and color. You will already have many of these materials.

Please note that the list below is a general reference list for your perusal. Many items are optional and will be approached with ample demonstrations and discussion.

Graphite pencils 2h H, Hb, B, 2b, 4b)
Derwent Graphtone Water based Graphite set 2b, 4b,6b,8b( optional)
Charcoal- compressed and vine
Chalk pastels ( small set oil pastels (optional)
Black water soluble ink /colored inks optional
Powdered Charcoal ( Weber brand) (optional)

PAPERS/ SURFACES TO WORK ON: Select your choice.
Canvases, , wood panels, gessoed cardboard
Corrugated cardboard
Arches cold press 140lb. or 300 lb watercolor paper—other paper can be purchased (Lennox 100 , Coventry rag)

PAINTS: Choice of watercolors/ acrylics and brushes( need not be expensive)
Brands: Golden ( liquid or tube) or Nova (purchase online from Nova Paints)
Suggested colors:
Hansa yellow med,
Scarlet lake,
Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose,
Magenta, Violet,
Ultramarine blue, Pthalo blue,
Pthalo green,
Titanium white,
Lamp or carbon black, Gel medium ( pint size), Polymer Medium ( if using acrylics)

Drawing board
Hand pencil sharpener-/ 220 sand paper for sharpening/ Walsco Utility Knife
Throwaway thin plastic gloves and/ or dustmask
Scissors , Erasers- kneaded and hard plastic
Masking tape or artists drafting tape- 1 1/2 inch
Glue stick / acrylic polymer medium- for collage ,Gesso
Paint palette ( roll of wax paper/ freezer paper/or tin foil & cookie sheet will do nicely)
Cheap hardware store-chinese bristle brushes 1” 2 “ & / 3 “
An assortment of magazines for collage