Mold Making for Functional Forms


Have you ever wished that you could make multiples of that perfect bowl or cup that you made on the wheel? Learn to make plaster molds from functional ware, and slipcast a whole set! This class will cover how to assess a form for moldmaking, plaster mold creation, and slipcasting basics. Recommended for students who already have experience on the wheel.

Instructor: Caroline Hayes Charuk
Class Number: W17C8 Category:

Caroline Hayes Charuk

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Our spacious, sunlit ceramics studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from expansive north-facing windows
  • Ample table space for hand building
  • 18 potter wheels for throwing, a slab roller and an extruder
  • Damp room and glaze room with spray booth
  • Wide selection of glazes, slips, oxides, and under glazes.

Our studio tech oversees our kilns and firings (high-fire reduction, mid-fire oxidation, low-fire glaze, and raku)