Moon Tools: Primal Creative Process


Are you passionate about a project, an art vision or a new habit? Do you find you don’t quite have the motivation or stamina to get it going, or you are halfway through and lose steam? Maybe you’re almost done but can’t seem to do those last few steps to complete it.

This workshop is for anyone at any of these stages. You’ll learn real skills to support all of the stages of working through a complete cycle. We will dive in together to learn how the moon provides a natural support for our bodies in completing creative projects and establishing new patterns. And we’ll use the Moon Tools workbook to identify and provide tangible knowledge based on hormonal changes to support our process.

In this daylong workshop we will walk you through the five phase of the primal sequence and corresponding moon cycle:


  • Intention – New Moon
  • Preparation – Waxing Moon
  • Action – Full Moon
  • Follow Through – Waning Moon
  • Integration – New Moon

We will engage in each phase by:

  • Viewing Primal Sequence film by Elsa Asher
  • Divination with Moon Angels by Rebekah Erev
  • Writing and sketching
  • Group work

Please note: this workshop is for all genders of people. We have done extensive research about the moon and hormones to support cis women, transgender people on or off estrogen and/or testosterone and cis men.


Instructor: Rebekah Erev and Elsa Asher
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Rebekah Erev and Elsa Asher

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