Paint Sketching


Improve brush handling, color mixing, and simplifying a complex topic into its most important elements through painting sketches. Free yourself from the stresses of always working on a finished painting! Allow yourself to learn quickly by embracing learning as the ultimate goal. We will be executing two painting sketches per class, focusing on specific techniques and elements. Some painting experience recommended. Open to oil, acrylic, and watercolor, with an emphasis on oil.


Instructor: Ned Axthelm
Class Number: W17PD3 Category:

Ned Axthelm

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Our spacious, high-ceilinged painting and drawing studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from skylights and expansive north-facing windows
  • Color corrected daylight bulbs
  • Adjustable spotlights for dramatic lighting
  • Work tables and drawing benches
  • Easels and drawing boards 
  • Double wash sink for wet media and clean up
  • Movable raised platform and furniture for working from the figure
  • A ready-to-use still life supply cabinet