Painting the Figure in Its Environment


A class for those wishing to move from drawing on to painting the figure. Inventive setups in the studio around a live model. Gouache, or opaque watercolor, is an ideal medium for experimentation, playing with color and compositions. Best with some figure background.


Instructor: Betsy Kendall
Class Number: W17PD8 Category:

Betsy Kendall

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Materials List

1. Paints if using gouache: for first class bring only White, black, orange. Acrylic if you have it already is fine.

  • Winsor-Newton Permanent White gouache, large tube Any gouache brand tube colors: clear colors preferred: A cool and a warm of each primary hue is a good rule:
  • Yellows: Lemon yellow (cool) Permanent yellow (warm)
  • Reds: Orange lake (warm) Magenta or rose (cool)
  • Blues: Turquoise (cool) Ultramarine blue (warm)
  • Black Optional: Flame red Permanent alizarin Burnt Sienna Permanent Green or Cadmium green Katsura Blue or Permanent Blue Brilliant Purple

2. Palette options: will bring samples and discuss first class. SF Slant Plate Box with wells & lid Palette paper

3. Tape or clamps to hold paper flat

4. Board (optional) Your own allows you to transport wet and let it dry Gatorboard—you can bring multiple boards for ease

5. Brushes: will discuss at first class Brushes designed for acrylics a good choice for gouache Flat bright round filbert

6. Paper options: will discuss first class. Bring one or more of these: Hot press watercolor paper, Bristol pad, Strathmore Multimedia pad, Yupo for fast poses, newsprint even Or anything: cardboard, gessoed or not, wood panel, old books.

Our spacious, high-ceilinged painting and drawing studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from skylights and expansive north-facing windows
  • Color corrected daylight bulbs
  • Adjustable spotlights for dramatic lighting
  • Work tables and drawing benches
  • Easels and drawing boards 
  • Double wash sink for wet media and clean up
  • Movable raised platform and furniture for working from the figure
  • A ready-to-use still life supply cabinet