Photo Etching


In this course students will learn how to make intaglio prints using photo-etching techniques with Puretch Film, which specializes in safe and affordable photo-printing innovation. The process is nontoxic, relatively fast and has become an extremely popular way to combine photography and printmaking. At the core of this process a light-sensitive photopolymer film that adheres to the printing plate. Imagery created both by hand or output digitally can then be exposed onto the sensitized plate, developed, and printed using a traditional etching press. The results are remarkable and open up the etching medium to a range of creative possibilities. Students will learn about materials and methods associated with digital imaging and photo processing as well as working in a traditional print shop environment. Students will also learn alternative intaglio process to work their plates once an image has been etched into a metal plate.

Instructor: Dara Lorenzo
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Dara Lorenzo

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Materials List

It is suggested that students get their own stack of printmaking papers to print with.

Our well-equipped printmaking studio features:

  • Abundant natural light from expansive west-facing windows
  • A 20 x 40 inch bed Charles Brand etching press
  • Inking station, tub for soaking paper, drying rack
  • Non-toxic water based inks
  • A 6-color, 6-station T-shirt press for screenprinting
  • Darkroom for coating screens, emulsion, and an exposure unit
  • Screen reclaimer and washout station with power washer
  • Flash dryer and heat press