Tosha Stimage

Tosha Stimage uses a variety of mediums to examine and reflect on the limitations of language, and the often confused, distinction between experience, and knowledge. She suggests that there are no isolated meanings or consequences with identity. By conceptually and physically weaving and collaging, new possibilities emerge in the resulting field of perception. Stimage is interested in separating memory from the act of experience as an ongoing investigation of racial ideologies.

Stimage has worked as a teaching artist, and is a member of the CTRL + SHFT Collective (Oakland, CA). Her work has been shown at Galeria de la Raza (San Francisco, CA) SOMArts Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Quality Gallery (Oakland, CA) Bureau for Open Culture’s Taking Shelter Project, curated by James Voorhees & Eric Araujo. (Columbus, OH) and Rhythmix Cultural Works (Alameda, CA).

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