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Meet Nisha: Our Volunteer Services Coordinator


Have you wanted to learn more about volunteering at the Richmond Art Center? We’d like to introduce you to Nisha Chauhan-McGrath, our Volunteer Services Coordinator!

Nisha is a graduate from UCLA where she recieved her BA in Anthropology. A Los Angeles native, she has worked at The Broad Museum and The La Brea Tar Pits before coming to The Richmond Art Center. She is passionate about people, communities, and the power art has to transform minds and lives. Her studies have focused on the intersection between art and society and the power each has to transform the other. Her creative pursuits are in writing, and she is always on the lookout for other artists to collobrate with. She is incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with all of the amazing volunteers that belong to The Richmond Art Center.

Q. What do you find most inspiring about the Richmond Art Center?

A. I have always loved and been attracted to organizations that are committed to community engagement and development, especially in regards to the arts. I truly believe that art, in all of its manifestations, has the ability to transform minds and lives, and I think the Richmond Art Center is a brilliant example of that. Not only does the art center provide a place for people in the surrounding communities to engage with , experience, and create art, but also takes art to the people through a variety of classes and programs. Making art easily accessible to those in the community, and empowering individuals to make art and become creative is as important and inspirational as it is completely necessary, to any community.

Q. Tell us about the Volunteer Program. What are the most important things we should know about it?

A. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with the volunteer program here at The Richmond Art Center. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with all the different activities and opportunities associated with our center, and to take advantage of all the classes, workshops, and art shows that take place here. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, that can fit people’s varied interests, schedules, and abilities. People can volunteer to work our special events such as exhibition openings or annual events like UPCYCLE or our Holiday Arts Fair, they can volunteer to help all of our wonderful teachers in their classes or camps, or they can help keep the center running by offering assistance at our front desk in the galleries. These are just a few of the volunteering opportunities available at the center! Plus, once you become a volunteer, you can use your volunteer hours to get discounts on memberships, classes, and workshops, allowing you to get something back for all you give!

Q. You just received a grant from NobleCause to help grow the program. What will that grant help you achieve? What is your vision for the Volunteer Program?

A. The NobleCause grant is an amazing opportunity for the Richmond Art Center and the volunteer program. With this grant The RAC plans on selecting six volunteers to become empowered volunteer leaders, and meet twice a month to discuss strategies on how to make our volunteer program more representative of the Richmond community, and to make the volunteering opportunities at the center more accessible to the community at large. With this grant we hope to increase our volunteers, endow our volunteers with the skills and confidence to become leaders, and to help them develop professional skills they can take with them throughout their lives.

Q. Who are your inspirations?

A. So many! But I would have to say, first and foremost, my family. I was very lucky to grow up around people who instilled me with a love of learning, taught me to think for myself, and encouraged me in all of my various pursuits. They’ve all been trailblazers in their own rights, and all have taught me the importance of staying true to yourself in their own unique ways. They are, without a doubt, the reason I’ve been able to become the person I am today!

Q. What’s on your bucket list?

A. In a nutshell: travel! Most things on my bucket list require leaving home and experiencing the new and unfamiliar. Slowly but surely I’m sticking the push pins onto the map.

Q. If you could meet one artist, living or not, who would it be and why?

A. Just one?! If I must choose, then, at this particular moment, it would have to be the artist El Anatsui. His art is truly transformative, and is imbued with layers of interpretation and meaning. From his use of recycled materials, which turn into amazing visual masterpieces, to the layered cultural, personal and historical meanings that lay behind his constructed tapestries, El Anatsui’s body of work is both stunning and thought provoking. I would love to be able to meet him and hear more about his perspectives regarding art, people, culture and life.

Q. What’s the best way for people to be in touch with you about volunteering, or to learn more?

A. Come say hello! I love meeting people and talking to them about how they would like to help the center, what they’re interested in, why they’re interested in it, and getting them set-up to have a great experience here at The Richmond Art Center. If you can’t stop by for a chat though you can always call my direct line 510.620.6778, or e-mail me and I’ll answer any question you have and get you set up as quickly as possible!

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