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Artist: Isabelle Rouillard

Holiday Sales? Yes

Work: I’m creating wooden puzzles, hand-cut from beautiful Mahogany. Cutting pieces, one by one, to create beautiful Art puzzles. I’m cutting, creating a puzzle, following and being in the flow of the art image in front of me. Using different technique of cuts, makes each of my puzzle unique. I’m offering several size, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 13×19, and several size of pieces, regular or large. My pieces are 1/4″ thick, easy to grab. Large pieces help people with special needs and kids to accomplish a whole puzzle. My work is using and supporting young artists, local artists, French artists I know, and even my own Art.

About: I’m Isabelle, French native, living in the bay area since more than 20 years. I started “Puzzlapy – hummingbird handcut” early January 2021. It was a long time dream come true. I’m a self taught artist. My mom has severe hands arthritis, she was my inspiration for the thick and large pieces. I always thought of Puzzles as “Happy Therapy” …. that’s why I choose the name Puzzlapy.


Last Note: Puzzling makes me happy, I want you to feel happy too while enjoying one of my wooden puzzle. You can also see some of my work process, on my Instagram:

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Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 10am-4pm

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