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Xan Blood Walker

About Xan’s work: “I believe art is essential for life. It has the power to drive our spirit, enlighten us, deepen us, make us consider thins that were before hidden to us, and expose us to things we didn’t know existed. I love art that beautifies as well as art that is practical, so that it an become an integral part of every aspect of our lives.

I start be creating photographs of primarily urban decay settings, sometimes enhanced by nature, to draw out what i was sensing and feeling while . I took the piece. I sometimes use photocollage for the same reason; to not only get sat what I was seeing, but what I was feeling as well. From there I make smaller versions in the form of art cards. I send my designs off to a company to produce high quality reproductions. Then I use my designs to create jewelry, clothing, leather goods, and textiles. I use a company called VIDA that uses high quality materials and only individual artists, as a way to support our vision.”

Xan was very creative from a young age. She was a shy introverted child and would amuse herself by creating fantasy worlds in her head. In high school, depressed and using drugs regularly, she found additional refuge with kindred spirits in art classes, and later, after going on her own extended vision quest through the streets and drugs of Seattle, SF, and L.A., she finally made it to the other side and obtained a BFA in painting and another on printmaking at the University of Washington. She moved to SF for grad school, but quickly became disheartened by the atmosphere she found herself in and dropped out, she learned how to play again and enjoy the process, always living with a studio in her apartment, following her muse, which she still does to this day. Xan is still exploring, still wondering, still curious about what direction she’ll be shown to next, on this beautiful journey.

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