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AIC Would Like Your Mural Help!

South Richmond’s Kennedy Park is undergoing a massive redesign, the majority of which will be completed on October 24th at a community build day. AIC is a key part of this effort by holding a community mural panting class, led by community muralist and educator Fred Alvarado. Fred is taking a group of adults and teens through a collaborative design process, and the group will prep and paint the 1134sq foot circular floor mural.  Most of the class participants are longtime residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the park and are excited to make this huge mandala painting that reflects their values and history.
We are still in need of folks to help prep and paint this mural on Monday and Thursday afternoons before the finishing touches can be added on October 24th build day. If you are interested in supporting the painting effort before or on build day please contact Rachel Schaffran, Art in the Community Director at (510) 620 – 5543


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