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Fencelines Public Art Installation on Earth Day

Fencelines Public Art Installation

Richmond Parkway Bay Trail between Gertrude and Vernon Avenues

On Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, community members gathered at the Richmond Parkway Bay Trail to install the hundreds of painted wooden slats that make up the Fencelines public artwork. The site of the installation – an existing chain link fence – highlights the close proximity between the Chevron petroleum refinery and Richmond residential neighborhoods. For generations, the refinery has polluted the neighboring community’s air, water, land and people.

Fencelines represents the collective voice of hundreds of individuals and families who, over the past year, gathered at events to paint their stories and messages on the slats, responding to the questions: “What message do you have for the polluting industry here in Richmond?” and “What vision do you have for your community in the future?” The resulting public artwork documents the impact of the petroleum industry; As you travel along this fence you will see messages of hope, unity, and care woven together into a collective monument to the resistance and resilience of Richmond.

Fencelines project is created by Graham L.P., Princess Robinson, and Gita Khandagle, local artists and organizers; inviting participation from Richmond & North Richmond community members and working in partnership with the Richmond Our Power Coalition to envision a just and regenerative future. 

Special thanks to Richmond LAND for hosting the Earth Day event on the parkway, and Richmond Mayor Eduardo Martinez for his participation and support.

Add Your Voice: Community members are invited to paint fence slats to add to the installation at the Fencelines exhibition at Richmond Art Center, on view until June 3. 

Families can also participate at Spring Family Day, a free, art-making event at Richmond Art Center on Saturday, April 29, 12pm-3pm.

Images by Graham L.P.


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