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Thank You for Your Support of Richmond’s ‘Big Fish’

Thank You for Your Support

We Celebrated 25 Years of Guillermo the Golden Trout

We felt the love at our Go Fish! community party the other week. Thank you to everyone who showed up in support our first in-person fundraiser since the pandemic. We met our fundraising goals and had a great time doing it!

Special thanks to artist Andrée Singer Thompson, Mayor Eduardo Martinez, and former Mayor Rosemary Corbin, who spoke and reminded us of the power of artworks such as Guillermo the Golden Trout to express the ideas and vitality of our community.


EVENT COMMITTEE: Michele Seville (Chair), Don Lau, John Boychuk, Monique Ziesenhenne, Jane Diokas, José R. Rivera, Addela Garboos, Kimberly A. Ross, Amy Spencer

EVENT SPONSORS: Mechanics Bank, Matt and Margaret Jacobson, Phillips 66, Overaa Construction, Sims Metal, Collins Management, MSH Group, Jan and Byron Brown – in memory of Gay Parker and the RACettes, Rosemary and Douglas Corbin, M.A. Hays Co., Martin McNair and Margi Cellucci, Susan Wittenberg, Ninomiya – Koda Charitable Foundation, James Wheeler and Joyce Shon

INDIVIDUAL DONORS: Denise Abersold, Robin Bernstein, Stephen Bischoff, Lisa Blade, Dawn E Nakashima, Amanda Eicher, Kathleen Gadway, Nancy Grant, Robert Herr, Nettie Hoge, Susan Hybloom, Michelle Knapik, Don Lau, Bertha Lay, Katherine Lui, Marla Misunas, Susan Moffat, Jeanette Nichols, Anne Oklan, Fredrick Page, Joanne Paulsen, Vita Rey, Rebecca Riley, Laurel Scheinman, Niran Shah, Kathryn Sibley, Leslie Smith, Amy Stewart, Lina Velasco, Wendy Warren, John Wehrle, Sol Werthan, Mary White, Melanie Wilkins, Monique Ziesenhenne, Minoosh Zomorodinia

IN-KIND DONORS: Agave Azul Restaurant, Andrée Singer Thompson, Catahoula Coffee, El Sol, Falkenstein Foundation, Ilene Conde, Inez Brooks-Myers, John Ziesenhenne, Kaleidoscope Coffee, Kao Sarn Thai, Lara’s Fine Dining, M.A. Hays Co., Michele Seville, Outback in the Temple of Venus, Patricia Bennett, Sue Hartman, The Dead Fish, The Factory Bar, The Grape Nest, Tokyo Fish Market

VOLUNTEERS: Breean Lowe, Gillian Belcher, Irene Hightower, Irene Thwaites, Iris Fisher, Jacqueline Mucha, Linda Gault, Lisa Krepela, Lisa Zimmer-Chui, Nia Crater, Renita Primm, Sophie Stathakos, Susan Hybloom, Tracee Coltes

STAFF: Marisa Burman, Ilene Conde, Addela Garboos, Chris Kerr, Elaine Moreno, José Rivera, Carolyn Rodkin, Kimberly Ross, Petey Rodriguez, Annaliese Ruano, Amy Spencer, Gabriela Yoque

BOARD: Michael Dear, Lina Velasco, Paul Collins, Nettie Hoge, John Boychuk, Jane Diokas, Helen Duhé, Susan Kuramoto Moffat, Stephen Nomura, Rachel Sommovilla, Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne


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