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Thank You to the Richmond Art Center Volunteers

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping us out with Upcycle, our opening and closing receptions and for helping out with gallery installations!  We would like to give a special thanks to Mary Gillis who is an extraordinary force transitioning our galleries from start to finish!  Thank you Mary! You ROCK!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who were able to attend the Tea with Volunteers meeting on April 30th. It was a hot Spring day, but was nice underneath the shady trees in the Courtyard. Our open discussion was really helpful and allowed the volunteers to speak freely about their ideas and suggestions. We will definitely implement some of those ideas and keep an open door policy with our volunteers because you matter in a major way!
Our next big event is the 2015 Holiday Arts Festival (HAF)!! We will need as many volunteers as possible to make this go off without a hitch! Please contact Nicole Robinson, Volunteer Program Coordinator at (510) 620-6778 or to learn more. Please note, we offer special benefits to thank our volunteers, including:
  • 15 volunteer hours gets you 25% off of a class or workshop
  • 25 volunteer hours gets you 50% off of a class or workshop or an Artist Membership (includes 10%) discount on classes
  • 30 volunteer hours gets you a Family Membership or a Patron Membership (10% discount on classes and NARM benefits which include free admission to 650+ museums nationwide)
  • 40 volunteer hours gets you a Patron Family Membership (includes 10% discount on classes and NARM benefits)

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